Planning the future:

Evolved Stars, Mass Loss, and Dust Production


A number of new telescopes and facilities have come on-line or are planned for the near future:  JWST, ALMA, LSST, and large-format telescopes like the

E-ELT.  These provide a step-change in capability and sensitivity.  It is important to begin planning for their use.  We would like to gather a small group of astronomers (12-15) to discuss informally the future of research on evolved stars in this new era.  The goal is to define the scientific questions, and to devise observing programs to tackle the key problems in the field of evolved stars, mass loss, and dust formation.  This can trigger the collaborations needed to propose large programs, for instance

for the ESO/VLT.

Greg Sloan, Eric Lagadec, Iain McDonald and Albert Zijlstra


Ithaca, NY, 17-20 June 2013