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In IRS FITS data files the keyword "FOVID" denotes the particular field of view for a given observation.
This table lists the possible values for the "FOVID" keyword :

Header Keyword Value Field of View
FOVID 18 IRS_Red_Peak-Up_FOV_Center
FOVID 19 IRS_Red_Peak-Up_FOV_Sweet_Spot
FOVID 22 IRS_Blue_Peak-Up_FOV_Center
FOVID 23 IRS_Blue_Peak-Up_FOV_Sweet_Spot
FOVID 26 IRS_Short-Lo_1st_Order_1st_Position
FOVID 27 IRS_Short-Lo_1st_Order_2nd_Position
FOVID 28 IRS_Short-Lo_1st_Order_Center_Position
FOVID 29 IRS_Short-Lo_Module_Center
FOVID 32 IRS_Short-Lo_2nd_Order_1st_Position
FOVID 33 IRS_Short-Lo_2nd_Order_2nd_Position
FOVID 34 IRS_Short-Lo_2nd_Order_Center_Position
FOVID 38 IRS_Long-Lo_1st_Order_1st_Position
FOVID 39 IRS_Long-Lo_1st_Order_2nd_Position
FOVID 40 IRS_Long-Lo_1st_Order_Center_Position
FOVID 41 IRS_Long-Lo_Module_Center
FOVID 44 IRS_Long-Lo_2nd_Order_1st_Position
FOVID 45 IRS_Long-Lo_2nd_Order_2nd_Position
FOVID 46 IRS_Long-Lo_2nd_Order_Center_Position
FOVID 50 IRS_Short-Hi_1st_Position
FOVID 51 IRS_Short-Hi_2nd_Position
FOVID 52 IRS_Short-Hi_Center_Position
FOVID 56 IRS_Long-Hi_1st_Position
FOVID 57 IRS_Long-Hi_2nd_Position
FOVID 58 IRS_Long-Hi_Center_Position

Additional information about SMART FITS Files can be found in DCE FITS File Format?.

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