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Reporting Bugs and Getting Help

The SMART bugtracker is used to file tickets for bugs and help requests. Spitzer/IRS team members will inspect your report and provide assistance or a repair to the code as our resources permit -- in general you may expect to get an acknowledgement or request for reproducing info fairly quickly, and the time to address the bug itself will vary based on its priority and the difficulty of the fix.

Steps to file a bug or help request

  • Log in to the bugtracker. If you do not already have a bug account, click "Signup for a new account" and follow the instructions.
  • Click the "Report Issue" link. Fill in the relevant details as fully as possible. A general statement such as "SMART does not work is not helpful -- the more information you provide, particularly about the operating system, the IDL version, the SMART release version, etc., the better we can assist you.
  • An email will automatically be sent to the SMART team upon receipt of your bug. You should receive a response within a reasonable business interval.

What constitutes a good bug report or help request?

  • First remember that many problems may best be fixed by upgrading to the most recent release of SMART.
  • Provide a step by step, or at least detailed, description of operations which lead to the error. Is the error reproducible?
  • Attach a sample file of data from which the error can be reproduced, if possible. There is an "Upload File" feature within the bugtracker.
  • Please note whether any error messages appear at the IDL prompt itself. Copy them into the bug report.
  • Please note any changes you have made to the user parameters or calibration selections.

warning.gif SMART developers regret that we cannot provide support for user modifications of released SMART source code. We do, however, welcome contributions of code for incorporation into SMART. If these are modifications against our most recently released version, it is far easier for us to incorporate them.

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