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List of approved Spitzer programs:

PI Program IDSorted ascending Type Category Time Program name Program title
Houck James R. 2 GTO circumstellar/d 168.5 irs_disks Spectroscopy of protostellar, protoplanetary and debris disks
Fazio Giovanni 3 GTO local group gal 32.4 galaxyhaloes Brown Dwarf Galaxy Haloes
Houck James R. 4 GTO ISM 3.3 irs_gcenter Shedding light on Unusual Sources near the Galactic Center
Gehrz Robert 5 GTO nearby galaxies 54.9 m33m&s M33 Mapping and Spectroscopy
Fazio Giovanni 6 GTO young stellar o 49.8 pmyers_clusters Structure and Incidence of Young Embedded Clusters
Jura Michael 7 GTO circumstellar/d 1.4 rcrb Study of Dust Spectra of R Cor Bor Stars
Fazio Giovanni 8 GTO high-z galaxies 234.0 gs_survey The IRAC Deep Survey
Jura Michael 9 GTO evolved stars/p 4.3 giantg Dust Around First Ascent Red Giants
Jura Michael 10 GTO circumstellar/d 24.0 maina Dust Around Main Sequence A-Type Stars
Houck James R. 11 GTO high-z galaxies 3.5 bts_dust Dust at High Redshift
Houck James R. 12 GTO cosmic infrared 78.0 bts_noao MIPS Survey and IRS Spectroscopy of Sources in the KPNO Bootes Field
Houck James R. 13 GTO high-z galaxies 2.5 bts_eros IRS Spectra + IRAC/MIPS imaging of EROs
Houck James R. 14 GTO AGN/quasars/rad 23.6 dww_agn IRS Standard Spectra for AGN, Starbursts and QSOs
Houck James R. 15 GTO AGN/quasars/rad 129.4 dww_faint Seeking Redshifts for Optically Unidentifiable Infrared Sources
Houck James R. 16 GTO high-z galaxies 9.6 dww_axaf IRS observations of X-ray Background Sources
Fazio Giovanni 17 GTO galaxy clusters 31.4 irac-rdcs Distant X-ray Galaxy Clusters
Houck James R. 18 GTO HII regions 3.5 irs_h2proj H2 column densities and relative HD abundances toward a variety of warm regions in the Galaxy and the LMC/SMC
Houck James R. 19 GTO ISM 21.5 irs_rndust SIRTF Observations of the Mid IR Features in Reflection Nebulae
Jura Michael 20 GTO evolved stars/p 2.8 redrec A Study of the Red Rectangle
Houck James R. 21 GTO interacting/mer 36.0 brb_iagal Spectroscopic Study of Star Formation in Interacting Galaxies
Roellig Thomas 22 GTO star formation 24.3 nine micron objects Observations of nine-micron IRTS sources
Jura Michael 23 GTO evolved stars/p 14.4 pdisk Searching for Dust Disks Around Pulsars
Roellig Thomas 24 GTO starburst galax 28.4 22-micron studies Studies of the broad 22-micron feature
Fazio Giovanni 25 GTO nearby galaxies 19.2 irac-lozcl Luminosity Function in Local Clusters
Soifer Tom 26 DDT high-z galaxies 59.3 fls_extragal First Look Survey -- Extragalactic Component
Fazio Giovanni 27 GTO ISM 3.2 co2_ice CO2 Ice Absorption in the Interstellar Medium
Fazio Giovanni 28 GTO ISM 6.7 spec_diag Spectral Line Diagnostics of Shocks and Photon-Dominated Regions
Houck James R. 29 GTO brown dwarfs/ve 9.5 irs_m-star IRS observations of the dwarf M-star sequence
Eisenhardt Peter 30 GTO galaxy clusters 61.8 irac-shallow IRAC Shallow Survey
Houck James R. 31 GTO intermediate-z 16.4 tlh_radbo Evolution of Intermediate Redshift Clusters
Fazio Giovanni 32 GTO interacting/mer 23.1 i_galaxies Probing a Sample of Interacting and Ultraluminous Galaxies
Fazio Giovanni 34 GTO brown dwarfs/ve 13.0 nearby_young SUBSTELLAR MASS COMPANIONS TO NEARBY YOUNG STARS
Fazio Giovanni 36 GTO brown dwarfs/ve 21.9 bds_in_sfr Deep IRAC Imaging of Brown Dwarfs in Star Forming Clusters
Fazio Giovanni 37 GTO circumstellar/d 49.7 disks_evolution Disk Evolution in the Planet Formation Epoch
Fazio Giovanni 38 GTO brown dwarfs/ve 19.1 pleiades IRAC Imaging of the Pleiades
Rieke George 40 GTO circumstellar/d 36.6 rieke_astars_1 Debris Disk Evolution in A stars
Rieke George 41 GTO circumstellar/d 85.8 chas_vls A Volume Limited Sample of Nearby Stars
Fazio Giovanni 42 GTO brown dwarfs/ve 18.0 hyades IRAC Imaging of the Hyades
Fazio Giovanni 43 GTO young stellar o 45.3 orion An IRAC Survey of the L1630 and L1641 (Orion) Molecular Clouds
Houck James R. 44 GTO brown dwarfs/ve 1.0 irs_nearby_star_observations IRS observations of nearby stars
Roellig Thomas 45 GTO ISM 37.3 d_enrichment Deuterium Enrichment in PAHs
Fazio Giovanni 46 GTO star formation 3.2 highmass Deep IRAC Imaging of High Mass Protostars
Fazio Giovanni 47 GTO circumstellar/d 11.8 orion_mips A MIPS Survey of the Orion L1641 and L1630 Molecular Clouds
Fazio Giovanni 48 GTO brown dwarfs/ve 8.5 exoplanet Brown Dwarfs Around Extrasolar Planetary Candidates
Low Frank 49 GTO AGN/quasars/rad 40.2 lowqso The Nature of Infrared-Selected QSOs
Fazio Giovanni 50 GTO brown dwarfs/ve 2.1 deep_trapezium IRAC Imaging of the Trapezium and NGC 2024 Clusters
Houck James R. 51 GTO brown dwarfs/ve 79.9 irs_lt-stars IRS Observations of the Brown Dwarf L and T Sequence
Rieke George 52 GTO circumstellar/d 28.2 gautier_nearbystars Circumstellar Environments of the Nearest Stars
Rieke George 53 GTO star formation 34.5 keene_darkclouds Pre-stellar and Proto-stellar Cores and Cold Dust
Rieke George 54 GTO circumstellar/d 21.8 stans_binstars Binary Star Debris Disk Survey
Rieke George 55 GTO Kuiper belt obj 45.9 stans_kbo Far-IR Observations of Kuiper Belt and Centaur Objects
Rieke George 56 GTO brown dwarfs/ve 15.0 stans_mlt Photometry of L and T Dwarfs and Late-Type M Stars
Rieke George 57 GTO circumstellar/d 12.9 stapelfeldt_ddoz Connecting Images and SEDs in Bright Debris Disks
Rieke George 58 GTO circumstellar/d 81.3 young_lada_disks Evolution and Lifetimes of Protoplanetary Disks
Rieke George 59 GTO AGN/quasars/rad 45.3 chad_starbursts Starburst Activity in Nearby Galaxies
Rieke George 60 GTO nearby galaxies 16.3 gordon_m101 Dust in Giant Extragalactic H II Regions in M101
Rieke George 61 GTO AGN/quasars/rad 8.2 hines-qso-irs Intrinsic Spectra of Hyperluminous Infrared Galaxies
Rieke George 62 GTO nearby galaxies 15.3 rieke_lsb Dust in Low Surface Brightness Galaxies
Houck James R. 63 GTO HII regions 35.0 brb_htwor Comparative Study of Galactic and Extragalactic HII Regions
Fazio Giovanni 64 GTO cosmic infrared 93.9 irac-combined Combined Program on Cosmic IR Background/Evolution of SFR/Lyman Break and SCUBA SED's
Lawrence Charles 65 GTO high-z galaxies 17.3 prme-misc SED's of Galaxies with a Range of UV to Submm Properties
Wright Ned 66 GTO cosmology 51.7 dirbespot DIRBE Dark Spots
Cruikshank Dale 67 GTO Kuiper belt obj 11.6 dc_irs_sed_ck IRS and MIPS SED observations of Centaurs and Kuiper Belt Objects
Fazio Giovanni 68 GTO evolved stars/p 11.3 stellarejecta Studying Stellar Ejecta on the Large Scale using SIRTF-IRAC
Fazio Giovanni 69 GTO nearby galaxies 76.2 midiratlas A Mid-IR Hubble Atlas of Galaxies
Cruikshank Dale 70 GTO planets 11.7 dc_pluto Observations of the Pluto/Charon system
Houck James R. 71 GTO satellites 15.0 irs_moons_and_planets Observations of Outer Solar System Satellites and Planets
Low Frank 72 GTO circumstellar/d 48.6 lowstars A Search for Terrestrial Planetary Debris Systems and Other Planetary Debris Disks
Houck James R. 73 GTO starburst galax 12.2 sbgal_devost IRS and MIPS observations of Starburst galaxies
Houck James R. 74 GTO AGN/quasars/rad 45.3 crl_3crr Powerful Radio Sources
Soifer Tom 75 DDT nearby galaxies 1.0 ddt_75 Template Program
Houck James R. 76 GTO GRBs 6.7 bf_mad IR Study of Gamma-Ray Bursts
Rieke George 77 GTO evolved stars/p 31.8 latter_se Stellar Ejecta: Macro-Molecule and Dust Formation and Evolution
Wright Ned 78 GTO cosmology 5.4 wrightgal Distant Galaxy Clusters
Fazio Giovanni 79 GTO cosmology 14.0 irac-hzrg-clusters Proto-Clusters Around High-Redshift Radio Galaxies
Werner Michael 80 GTO circumstellar/d 15.0 mwwstars1 A Search for terrestrial Planetary Debris Systems and Other Planetary Debris Disks
Rieke George 81 GTO high-z galaxies 237.3 m_rieke_surveys The Deep Infrared Sky
Rieke George 82 GTO AGN/quasars/rad 88.2 hines_qso The Far-IR Spectral Energy Distributions of Luminous Active Galactic Nuclei
Rieke George 83 GTO intermediate-z 144.2 rieke_kelly_clusters Use of Massive Clusters as Cosmological Lenses/Evolution of Galaxies and Lensing in Clusters
Jura Michael 84 GTO circumstellar/d 28.8 younga A Search for Terrestrial Planetary Debris Systems and Other Planetary Debris Disks
Houck James R. 85 GTO nearby galaxies 43.0 jrh_bcds Dust and Gas in BCDs
Werner Michael 86 GTO AGN/quasars/rad 23.5 mwwgto-xrayagn Imaging and Spectroscopy of X-ray Selected Seyfert Galaxies
Cruikshank Dale 88 GTO asteroids 15.4 asteroids-1 Extinct Comets and Low-Albedo Asteroids
Werner Michael 90 GTO circumstellar/d 46.9 big4dd The Fabulous Four Debris Disks
Cruikshank Dale 91 GTO asteroids 6.1 asteroids-2 Extinct Comets and Low-Albedo Asteroids-2
Cruikshank Dale 93 GTO evolved stars/p 15.2 pah emission-1 Survey of PAH Emission, 10-19.5 um
Lawrence Charles 94 GTO ISM 23.4 darkclouds-irac Search for Low-Luminosity YSOs and Measurement of Infrared Extinction in Dark Clouds and Bok Globules
Houck James R. 95 GTO circumstellar/d 4.3 irs_amazing8 IRS observations of Spatially Extended Vega-type Dust Disks
Houck James R. 96 GTO AGN/quasars/rad 2.8 vc_nearbyagn The mid-IR SED of nearby AGN
Houck James R. 97 GTO nearby galaxies 2.0 vc_molhydro Molecular hydrogen content in nearby spirals
Soifer Tom 98 DDT asteroids 14.2 fls_ecliptic_plane First Look Survey - Ecliptic Plane Component
Rieke George 99 GTO local group gal 17.1 mips_m31 Giant Extragalactic H II Regions in M31
Lawrence Charles 100 GTO circumstellar/d 2.6 tng-etacha MIPS Survey of eta Cha cluster
Lawrence Charles 101 GTO AGN/quasars/rad 6.7 cena-so Infrared Imaging and Spectroscopy of Cen A and its Central Disk
Werner Michael 102 GTO circumstellar/d 3.8 twa A Search for Terrestrial Planetary Debris Systems and Other Planetary Debris Disks
Houck James R. 103 GTO local group gal 11.3 jrh_pne IRS Study of Planetary Nebulae in the SMC/LMC
Soifer Tom 104 DDT galactic struct 36.0 fls_gal First Look Survey - Galactic Component
Houck James R. 105 GTO ULIRGS/LIRGS/HL 85.3 la_ulirgs2 Spectroscopic Study of Distant ULIRGs II
Fazio Giovanni 106 GTO massive stars 1.6 macho IRAC's Potential to Solve the Microlensing Puzzle
Fazio Giovanni 107 GTO circumstellar/d 0.8 m17 M17
Lawrence Charles 108 GTO AGN/quasars/rad 5.6 tng-sn Search for Obscured Supernovae in Ultraluminous Galaxies
Fazio Giovanni 109 GTO circumstellar/d 2.6 ngc_7129 NGC 7129
Fazio Giovanni 110 GTO circumstellar/d 0.5 l1634classi L1634 CLASS I
Fazio Giovanni 111 GTO AGN/quasars/rad 4.1 shallow_survey_eros Spitzer Spectroscopy of 8 micron bright, optically faint objects identified in the IRAC Shallow Survey
Fazio Giovanni 112 GTO circumstellar/d 0.9 rcw108 IRAC and IRS Observations of RCW108
Melnick Gary 113 GTO star formation 11.4 irac-irs_outflows Emission lines from shocks: water, molecular hydrogen, and low-excitation ions in the Cep A East and HH 7-11 outflows
Houck James R. 114 GTO young stellar o 6.5 dmw_outflows Molecular and atomic emission-line images of DR 21 and GGD 37
Fazio Giovanni 115 GTO circumstellar/d 1.5 pdr_spectra PDR Spectra
Lawrence Charles 116 GTO young stellar o 12.9 n1333map Spectral Mapping of NGC 1333
Houck James R. 117 GTO high-z galaxies 10.8 irs_lso IRS Exploration program
Werner Michael 118 GTO brown dwarfs/ve 4.4 lmcmacho MACHO Search
Gehrz Robert 119 GTO comets 1.0 rdg-pencke SIRTF Obeserbations of Comet P/Encke
Cruikshank Dale 120 GTO ISM 1.7 dpc_pahaux Study of new 16.4 micron PAH feature
Fazio Giovanni 121 GTO AGN/quasars/rad 0.5 m81variability M81 Variability
Gehrz Robert 122 GTO evolved stars/p 2.7 rdg-nova-obs Observations of Recent Bright Novae in Outburst
Gehrz Robert 123 GTO circumstellar/d 5.5 rdg-low-stars Young PMS Stars
Gehrz Robert 124 GTO ISM 29.6 rdg-gto IRAC and MIPS Imaging and IRS Spectroscopy of Pre and Post Main Sequence Stellar Systems
Fazio Giovanni 125 GTO local group gal 0.6 lmcsmc Magellanic Clouds Survey
Houck James R. 126 GTO high-z galaxies 5.1 sdss_lbg The Most Luminous Lyman Break Galaxies
Gehrz Robert 127 GTO star formation 3.2 rdg-w3 IRAC and MIPS Images of W3
Gehrz Robert 128 GTO star formation 16.0 rdg-dwarf-irr IRAC and IRS Observations of Nearby Dwarf Irregular Galaxies
Gehrz Robert 129 GTO massive stars 0.7 rdg-lbv IRS Observations of Selected LBVs
Gehrz Robert 130 GTO evolved stars/p 2.4 rdg-crab IRAC and MIPS Maps of the Crab Nebula
Gehrz Robert 131 GTO comets 9.4 rdg-comets IRAc and MIPS Images of Comet P/Halley and MIPS Images of Comet P/Pons-Winnecke
Gehrz Robert 132 GTO star clusters 3.7 rdg-w-cen IRAC and MIPS Images of Omega Cen
Houck James R. 133 GTO evolved stars/p 2.0 sjuh_axp Anomolous X-ray Pulsars
Werner Michael 134 GTO circumstellar/d 8.2 swire_gal_irs SWIRE Galactic Follow-up
Werner Michael 135 GTO circumstellar/d 7.5 2mass_12exc_gto 2-MASS sources with 12um excesses
Werner Michael 136 GTO high-z galaxies 3.8 swire_eg_irs Follow-up of Extragalactic SWIRE Sources
Fazio Giovanni 137 GTO high-z galaxies 11.1 a370_z6 IRAC observation of galaxies at z>5
Houck James R. 138 GTO high-z galaxies 2.9 jh_cluster The Star Formation Histories of High-Redshift Cluster Galaxies
Evans Neal 139 Legacy young stellar o 400.0 coreplanets_cores From Molecular Cores to Planets
Lonsdale Carol 142 Legacy high-z galaxies 851.0 swires_lockman The SIRTF Wide-area InfraRed? Extragalactic Survey
Churchwell Ed 146 Legacy galactic struct 400.0 inner_gal1 The SIRTF Galactic Plane Survey
Meyer Michael 148 Legacy circumstellar/d 350.0 rubble The Formation and Evolution of Planetary Systems: Placing Our Solar System in Context
Kennicutt Robert 159 Legacy nearby galaxies 512.0 sings1 SINGS: The Spitzer Infrared Nearby Galaxies Survey -- Physics of the Star-Forming ISM and Galaxy Evolution
Dickinson Mark 169 Legacy high-z galaxies 647.0 goods1 Great Observatories Origins Deep Survey (GOODS)
Evans Neal 172 Legacy Young Stellar O 0.0 coreplanets_irs_first From Molecular Cores to Planets, continued
Evans Neal 173 Legacy Young Stellar O 0.0 coreplanets_stars From Molecular Cores to Planets, continued
Evans Neal 174 Legacy Young Stellar O 0.0 coreplanets_serpens From Molecular Cores to Planets, continued
Evans Neal 175 Legacy Young Stellar O 0.0 coreplanets_lupus From Molecular Cores to Planets, continued
Evans Neal 176 Legacy Young Stellar O 0.0 coreplanets_chaii From Molecular Cores to Planets, continued
Evans Neal 177 Legacy Young Stellar O 0.0 coreplanets_ophiuchus From Molecular Cores to Planets, continued
Evans Neal 178 Legacy Young Stellar O 0.0 coreplanets_perseus From Molecular Cores to Planets, continued
Evans Neal 179 Legacy Young Stellar O 0.0 coreplanets_irs_second From Molecular Cores to Planets, continued
Soifer Tom 180 GO High-z Galaxies 0.0 program_180 This is a Spitzer template program
Lonsdale Carol 181 Legacy High-z Galaxies 0.0 swires_xmm_lss The SIRTF Wide-area InfraRed? Extragalactic Survey, continued
Lonsdale Carol 182 Legacy High-z Galaxies 0.0 swires_elais_s1 The SIRTF Wide-area InfraRed? Extragalactic Survey, continued
Lonsdale Carol 183 Legacy High-z Galaxies 0.0 swires_elais_n2 The SIRTF Wide-area InfraRed? Extragalactic Survey, continued
Lonsdale Carol 184 Legacy High-z Galaxies 0.0 swires_chandra_s The SIRTF Wide-area InfraRed? Extragalactic Survey, continued
Lonsdale Carol 185 Legacy High-z Galaxies 0.0 swires_elais_n1 The SIRTF Wide-area InfraRed? Extragalactic Survey, continued
Churchwell Ed 186 Legacy Galactic Struct 0.0 inner_gal2 The SIRTF Galactic Plane Survey, continued
Churchwell Ed 187 Legacy Galactic Struct 0.0 inner_gal3 The SIRTF Galactic Plane Survey, continued
Churchwell Ed 188 Legacy Galactic Struct 0.0 inner_gal4 The SIRTF Galactic Plane Survey, continued
Churchwell Ed 189 Legacy Galactic Struct 0.0 inner_gal5 The SIRTF Galactic Plane Survey, continued
Churchwell Ed 190 Legacy Galactic Struct 0.0 inner_gal6 The SIRTF Galactic Plane Survey, continued
Churchwell Ed 191 Legacy Galactic Struct 0.0 inner_gal7 The SIRTF Galactic Plane Survey, continued
Churchwell Ed 192 Legacy Galactic Struct 0.0 inner_gal8 The SIRTF Galactic Plane Survey, continued
Kennicutt Robert 193 Legacy Nearby Galaxies 0.0 sings2 SINGS: The Spitzer Infrared Nearby Galaxies Survey -- Physics of the Star-Forming ISM and Galaxy Evolution
Dickinson Mark 194 Legacy High-z Galaxies 0.0 goods2 Great Observatories Origins Deep Survey (GOODS), continued
Churchwell Ed 195 DDT Galactic Struct 10.0 inner_gal_ddt The SIRTF Galactic Plane Survey (GLIMPSE) Validation Observations
Dickinson Mark 196 DDT High-z Galaxies 10.0 goods_ddt Great Observatories Origins Deep Survey (GOODS) Validation Observations
Houck James R. 197 GTO nearby galaxies 10.0 ring_wraiths Mid-IR Imaging & Spectroscopy of Starburst Rings
Houck James R. 198 GTO high-z galaxies 2.9 sjh_tdgs Tidal Dwarf Galaxies
Houck James R. 199 GTO massive stars 11.0 wrdust Dust Properties Along the Wolf-Rayet Evolutionary Sequence
Houck James R. 200 GTO local group gal 15.3 mc_dust Circumstellar Dust in the Magellanic Clouds
Fazio Giovanni 201 GTO massive stars 5.9 pdr The Role of Photodissociation Regions in High Mass Star Formation
Fazio Giovanni 202 GTO massive stars 5.2 cometary Star Formation in Bright Rimmed Clouds
Werner Michael 206 GTO circumstellar/d 2.7 castor_moving The Castor Moving Group
Fazio Giovanni 210 GTO comets 9.8 comdust Cometary Dust Trails
Fazio Giovanni 211 GTO high-z galaxies 2.0 high_z_cluster IRAC Imaging of a Cluster of Galaxies at $z=2.39$ and Extremely Red Objects
Fazio Giovanni 214 GTO high-z galaxies 14.0 hdf_s IRAC and MIPS imaging of the HDF_S
Fazio Giovanni 215 GTO nearby galaxies 0.8 ngc4013 IRAC Imaging of NGC4013
Fazio Giovanni 217 GTO evolved stars/p 1.2 globulars Mass Loss in Globular Clusters
Fazio Giovanni 218 GTO HII regions 2.9 trifid Trifid Nebula
Fazio Giovanni 219 GTO young stellar o 1.1 darkclouds Dark Clouds
Soifer Tom 220 DDT nearby galaxies 1.0 ddt_220 This is a template program
Brown Michael 221 DDT Kuiper belt obj 3.7 mbrown Measuring the Size of Objects beyond Pluto
Lamy Philippe 222 DDT comets 1.9 comet_cg_ddt1 Measuring the Size and Shape of Comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko, the Target of the Rosetta Mission
A'Hearn Michael 223 DDT Comets 6.0 tempel1 The Size, Shape, and Albedo of Deep Impact Target 9P/Tempel 1
Stringfell Guy 224 DDT Young Stellar O 1.0 exor-too Spitzer Space Telescope Observations of an Accretion Outburst of a New EXOR
Ciardi David 225 DDT Evolved Stars/P 4.5 hercv Spitzer Observations of a WZ Sge-Type Dwarf Novae in Superoutburst
Van Dyk Schuyler 226 DDT Evolved Stars/P 5.8 sons04dj Spitzer Observations of a Nearby Supernova (SONS): SN 2004dj in NGC 2403
Charbonnea David 227 DDT Extrasolar Plan 6.0 tres_1 Taking the Temperature of the New Planet TrES?-1
Muzerolle James 228 DDT Young Stellar O 0.5 jm_outburst Following the Outburst of V1647 Ori
Beichman Charles 229 DDT Circumstellar/D 1.3 gliese436_disk Dust around the Planet-bearing M Star Gliese 436
Barlow Michael 230 DDT Evolved Stars/P 1.3 sn2002hh Follow-up observations to the SST discovery of dust emission from SN 2002hh in NGC 6946
Krause Oliver 231 DDT Evolved Stars/P 0.9 casa_c Spitzer imaging of a superluminal jet from the supernova remnant Cassiopeia A
Evans Neal 232 DDT Young Stellar O 1.2 l1014_a Deep IRAC and MIPS 160 Imaging of L1014
Krause Oliver 233 DDT Evolved Stars/P 2.6 casa_d Spitzer reobservation of a superluminal jet from the supernova remnant Cassiopeia A
Devore Harlan 234 DDT Nearby Galaxies 0.5 arp102b The Supermassive Black Hole in Arp102B?
Spuck Tim 235 DDT Young Stellar O 1.0 ic2118 Young Stars in IC 2118
Thomas Beth 236 DDT Evolved Stars/P 0.5 as325 Observing Iron Stars with Spitzer
Van Dyk Schuyler 237 DDT Evolved Stars/P 1.6 sn2005af Spitzer Observations of a Nearby Supernova: SN 2005af in NGC 4945
Chun Howard 238 DDT brown Dwarfs/Ve 0.5 bd_in_icb Detecting Brown Dwarfs in Interacting Cataclysmic Binaries
Adkins Jeff 239 DDT AGN/Quasars/Rad 0.4 agn_glast AGN Spectral Energy Distributions of GLAST Telescope Network Program Objects
Roelofsen Theresa 240 DDT Nearby Galaxies 0.4 m81dwarfgals Intergalactic Star Formation in Tidal Dwarf Galaxies of M81
Chen Christin 241 DDT Circumstellar/D 1.0 cchen Dust to Dust: A Study of Second-Generation Debris in Scorpius-Centaurus
Zakamska Nadia 242 DDT AGN/Quasars/Rad 1.0 qso2spec IRS spectroscopy of type II quasars
Pascucci Ilaria 243 DDT Circumstellar/D 1.0 gasfe Remnant Gas in Debris Disk Systems: Confirmation of the Remarkable [FeI] Line Emission in HD 216803
Metchev Stanimir 244 DDT brown Dwarfs/Ve 7.0 metchev_ddt Circumstellar Disks and Sub-Stellar Objects
Brown Michael 245 DDT Kuiper Belt Obj 17.7 xena Radiometric determination of albedos of icy bodies
Wehrle Ann 246 DDT AGN/Quasars/Rad 10.3 blazar Flaring Quasar 3C454.3
Lacy Mark 247 DDT High-z Galaxies 24.0 a2218deep An ultra-deep IRS spectrum to search for Halpha emission from the galaxies which reionized the Universe
Mohanty Subhanjo 248 DDT brown Dwarfs/Ve 13.2 nhihat Watching the Dust Settle: Disk Evolution in Young Brown Dwarfs
Indebetouw Remy 249 DDT Massive Stars 9.1 remy-sfo1 Massive Star Formation Across our Galaxy and Beyond
Daddi Emanuele 250 DDT High-z Galaxies 10.2 daddi_bzkgal Mid-IR observations of z=2, BzK? selected galaxies
Burgasser Adam 251 DDT brown dwarfs/ve 19.8 aburgasser Old and Cold: Identifying and Characterizing the Coldest Stellar and Substellar Halo Subdwarfs
Teplitz Harry 252 DDT High-z Galaxies 31.6 irsdeep Ultradeep IRS Spectroscopy in GOODS South
Gould Andrew 253 DDT Galactic Struct 1.5 ogleii Added Observation of Ongoing Microlensing Event
Harrington Joseph 254 DDT Extrasolar Plan 6.1 hotsat 8-Micron Photometry of the "Hot Saturn" HD 149026b During Its Secondary Eclipse
Schneider Glenn 255 DDT Circumstellar/D 1.1 edgeon Spitzer Observations of a Newly-Discovered Nearly Edge-On Disk About HD 32297
Reach William 256 DDT Comets 11.5 flyrock Ejecta from comet Tempel 1
Mahoney William 257 DDT Compact Objects 5.2 pulseit Spitzer Measurements of Pulsar Infrared Light Curves
Deming Drake 258 DDT Extrasolar Plan 8.6 hotrocks Infrared Photometry of the Hot Earth Orbiting Gliese 876
van Belle Gerard 259 DDT Young Stellar O 8.9 guboo Testing Repeatable High-Precision Time Series Photometry with Spitzer: Observations of the Eclipsing Binary GU Bootes
Deming Drake 260 DDT Extrasolar Plan 6.0 vhjirs Infrared Photometry of the Very Hot Jupiter Orbiting HD 189733
Charbonnea David 261 DDT Extrasolar Plan 10.1 veryhot Thermal Emission from the Newest, Closest, and Brightest Transiting Planet
Helou George 262 DDT High-z Galaxies 46.3 udsss An Ultra-Deep Spitzer Spectral Survey
Woodward Charles 263 DDT Local Group Gal 1.5 lmc2005 IRS DDT Spectra of LMC 2005
DePoy? Darren 264 DDT Evolved Stars/P 0.8 sn2005gj Insight into the Progenitor of the Type Ia Supernova 2005gj
Bauer James 265 DDT Comets 2.0 centaur_2000ec98 Observations of the activating Centaur 2000 EC98
Spuck Tim 266 DDT Star Formation 11.6 ic2118-tng Young Stars in IC 2118
Chun Howard 267 DDT brown Dwarfs/Ve 1.4 bd_in_icb_2 Deciphering IR Excess Observed by the Spitzer Space Telescope in Short Period Interacting Cataclysmic Binaries
Blackwell John 268 DDT High-z Galaxies 2.5 sf_hi_z Star Formation in High Redshift Clusters with Spitzer
Adkins Jeff 269 DDT AGN/Quasars/Rad 0.4 agn_glast_2 AGN Spectral Energy Distributions of GLAST Telescope Network Program Objects II
Evans Aneurin 270 DDT Evolved Stars/P 4.9 rsoph Spitzer observations of the 2006 eruption of RS Ophiuchi
Harris Alan 271 DDT Asteroids 1.2 donqu Size, Albedo, and Taxonomy of the Don Quijote Space Mission Target
Le Floc'h Emeric 272 DDT GRBs 14.6 dark_grb_ddt Probing the Dark Side of the Cosmic Evolution Using Dark Gamma-Ray Bursts
Meadows Victoria 273 DDT Satellites 4.7 shower Spitzer Observations of the Enceladus Plume
Reach William 274 DDT Comets 24.1 73pearls Extended imaging of the String of Pearls from comet 73P
Jura Michael 275 DDT Circumstellar/D 11.1 mikegto Probing DAZ White Dwarfs for Warm and Cool Dust
Kulkarni Shriniva 276 DDT Nearby Galaxies 9.3 m85var A new class of transients
Kulkarni Varsha 277 DDT High-z Galaxies 10.0 dustyabs Infrared Observations of Dusty Quasar Absorption Systems: Dust Composition and Absorber Environment
Werner Michael 278 DDT Circumstellar/D 2.1 astars Hi-Res Spectroscopy of New 15um Feature
Lacy Mark 279 DDT Cosmology 47.2 a2219vhiz IRS Verification of Candidate z>8 Sources
Ellis Richard 280 DDT High-z Galaxies 0.9 lbgimg IRS Spectroscopy of a Typical Lyman Break Galaxy
Leggett Sandy 281 DDT brown Dwarfs/Ve 1.0 coolyt IRAC Colors for T/Y Dwarf Candidate ULAS0034--00
Wheatley Peter 282 DDT Extrasolar Plan 11.6 wasp12 Exploring the thermal emission of two new transiting planets from the WASP survey
Gorjian Varoujan 283 DDT AGN/Quasars/Rad 1.2 irac-gavrt Relationship Between Black Hole Mass and Their Infrared Brightness to Synchrotron Radio Emission Ratio
Cruz Kelle 284 DDT brown Dwarfs/Ve 13.9 young_bds Nearby, Young Brown Dwarfs: A Comprehensive Study
Rau Arne 285 DDT Evolved Stars/P 2.0 sn2006gy IRS spectroscopy of SN 2006gy - the most luminous known supernova
Enoch Melissa 286 DDT Star Formation 12.3 menoch Protosteller Evolution in the Main Accretion Phase
Wang Zhongxia 287 DDT Circumstellar/D 2.0 axpirxray Spitzer DDT observations of the anomalous X-ray pulsar 4U 0142+61
Pope Alexandr 288 DDT ULIRGS/LIRGS/HL 13.2 pope_ulirgs70 The Evolution of Infrared-luminous Galaxies at High Redshift
Emery Joshua 289 DDT Near-Earth Obje 5.5 1999rq36 Thermal Observations of OSIRIS target 1999 RQ36
Wang Lifan 290 DDT Evolved Stars/P 1.7 sn2007af IRS Spectroscopy of SN 2007af - the First Ever Mid-IR Spectrum of a Type Ia Supernova Near Maximum
Lisse Carey 291 DDT Comets 1.3 comet_mcnaught IRS Observations of the Primeval Dust and Nucleus Surface of the Extraordinary Comet of 2007, C/McNaught 2006 (P1)
Sykes Mark 292 DDT Asteroids 3.9 itokawa_ddt Thermophysical Mapping of 25143 Itokawa
Tanvir Nial 293 DDT High-z Galaxies 2.2 jd0910 The nature of JD0910+46: a candidate z~10 galaxy
Wooden Diane 294 DDT Comets 4.8 67pnuc The Nucleus Size/Albedo of Rosetta Target Comet 67P/Churymov-Gerasimenko
Howell Steve 295 DDT Brown Dwarfs/Lo 1.7 wzsge_howell The First Spitzer Photometry of WZ Sge: A proposal to search for its circumbinary dust disk and to understand the brown dwarf secondary star
Malkan Matthew 296 DDT High-z Galaxies 11.2 jdrop Confirming a z~10 galaxy with IRAC
Bakos Gaspar 297 DDT Extrasolar Plan 34.3 hat-p-2b HAT-P-2b: A Direct Glimpse at the Stormiest Exoplanet
Wang Zhongxia 298 DDT Compact Objects 1.1 axp1048 Detecting the mid-IR counterpart to the anomalous X-ray pulsar 1E 1048.1 -5937 during its X-ray flare
Hoard Donald 299 DDT Compact Objects 0.2 amherboom Circumbinary Dust in Magnetic Cataclysmic Variables - Bright State of AM Her
Wehrle Ann 300 DDT Extragalactic J 3.2 3c454.3 A Second Huge Flare in Blazar 3C454.3
Lisse Carey 460 DDT Comets 15.2 epoxi Recovery and Characterization of the NASA EPOXI Mission Target Comet 85P/Boethin
Tinetti Giovanna 461 DDT extrasolar plan 20.2 wetworld Probing water vapor and CO in the atmosphere of HD 209458b
Rebull Luisa 462 DDT Galactic Struct 40.0 heritage1 Spitzer Heritage Project, Part 1.
Charbonnea David 463 DDT Extrasolar Plan 24.0 biggas Solving the Mystery of the Largest Transiting Planet
Cohen Martin 464 DDT Stellar Populat 12.5 wise_cal Matching the Absolute Calibrations of WISE and Spitzer
Trilling David 465 DDT Asteroids 2.6 marstroj DDT observations of five Mars Trojan asteroids
Reach William 466 DDT comets 4.0 bigflash Eruption of comet 17P/Holmes
Hines Dean 467 DDT Planets 9.6 uranus_equinox Spitzer/IRS Observations of Uranus at Equinox
Mainzer Amanda 468 DDT Asteroids 4.2 1862apollo Using IRAC to Measure the Yarkovsky Effect for 1862 Apollo
Donnarumma Immacola 469 DDT AGN/quasars/rad 0.8 donnarumma Joint Spitzer and AGILE observations of the blazar 3C 454.3
Soifer Tom 470 DDT young stellar o 15.0 ic1396var Variability of protostars in IC 1396
Kotak Rubina 471 DDT evolved stars/p 2.1 sn2007sr Mid-infrared observations of a bright, new, thermonuclear supernova in the Antennae Galaxy
Cohen Martin 472 DDT stellar populat 3.5 wisespec IRS spectroscopy of candidate SEP WISE standards
Erb Dawn 473 DDT high-z galaxies 11.0 erb The Physics of High Redshift Galaxies: Star Formation, Chemistry and Gas Flows
Kilic Mukremin 474 DDT extrasolar plan 8.2 kilic A New Approach for Finding Planets and Brown Dwarfs Around White Dwarfs
Robinson Sarah 475 DDT circumstellar/d 12.0 robinson Ices in the Solar Nebula
Trilling David 476 DDT near-Earth obje 1.8 warmneos Proof of Concept for Spitzer Warm Mission Observations of Near Earth Objects
Abraham Peter 477 DDT young stellar o 1.0 exlup A Spitzer study of the extreme outburst of EX Lup
Kulkarni Shriniva 478 DDT GRBs 1.8 grb080319b Spitzer Observations of the Naked Eye GRB080319B?
Howell Steve 479 DDT circumstellar/d 2.0 zcha Spitzer Light Curve of Z Cha
Spuck Tim 480 DDT star formation 1.2 darklynds Star formation in Lynds dark clouds
Campins Humberto 481 DDT asteroids 1.4 1999ju3 Thermal observations of spacecraft target 1999 JU3
Jarrett Thomas 482 DDT nearby galaxies 0.5 wisengc6552 IRS-LL Observation of the WISE Calibrator NGC 6552
Salvato Mara 483 DDT AGN/quasars/rad 1.9 sdssj0952+21 IR emission-line light echo of a giant high-energy outburst in the galaxy SDSSJ0952+21
Gorjian Varoujan 484 DDT AGN/quasars/rad 1.0 ngc4051 IRAC Monitoring of NGC 4051 for Interday Variability
Ardila David 485 DDT stellar populat 29.2 stellaratlas The Spitzer Spectroscopic Stellar Atlas
Gillon Michael 486 DDT extrasolar plan 5.7 exo-2b First atmospheric study of the young massive planet CoRoT?-Exo-2b
Prieto Jose 487 DDT nearby galaxies 1.0 ngc300 An IRS Spectrum of the Luminous Transient in NGC 300
Donahue Megan 488 DDT galaxy clusters 1.7 megan Infrared Properties of a Control Sample of Brightest Cluster Galaxies
Hinz Joannah 489 DDT local group gal 13.5 m31deep MIPS Imaging of M31
Wang Zhongxia 490 DDT circumstellar/d 0.8 j0729-1448 Possible Detection of A Dust Disk Around A Radio Pulsar
Ingalls James 491 DDT ISM 5.3 ingallsddt Molecular Hydrogen Emission from Galaxies: The Cirrus Connection
Salzer John 492 DDT starburst galax 4.9 salzer An Extremely Metal-Poor Population of L* Galaxies at z~0.35
Rigby Jane 493 DDT high-z galaxies 6.1 rigby Bolometric Luminosities of 3 New Bright Lensed Galaxies
Dasyra Kalliopi 494 DDT high-z galaxies 5.1 dasyra Deep spectroscopic observations of a z=4.3 HyLIRG? with indications of Pa alpha and PAH emission
Gillon Michael 495 DDT extrasolar plan 10.5 hd40307b HD 40307b, the first transiting Super-Earth?
Gonzalez Anthony 496 DDT high-z galaxies 6.0 anthonybullet2 IRS Observations of a Strongly Lensed LIRG Behind the Bullet Cluster
Stauffer John 497 DDT young stellar o 3.6 ic1396a Time Series Photometry of the Youngest Stars - MIPS24 Photometry for IC1396A?
Sheppard Scott 498 DDT Kuiper belt obj 5.0 2007ty430 Thermal Observations of the First Equal Sized Plutino Binary
Colbert James 499 DDT high-z galaxies 15.2 deep16 Confusion-Limited 16 Micron Imaging: Completing the Spitzer Legacy
Fazio Giovanni 520 GTO Nearby Galaxies 2.2 gto1_spw Neon and Sulfur Abundances in M33
Houck James R. 521 GTO ULIRGS/LIRGS/HL 5.4 bts_noao_blue 16um imaging of candidate ULIRGS at z 1-2
Swain Mark 523 DDT extrasolar plan 10.1 hd189733b_ddt An Exoplanet Transmission Spectrum
Abraham Peter 524 DDT young stellar o 0.5 erupexlup Spectral evolution and dust mixing in the recently erupted disk of EXLup
McCullough? Peter 525 DDT extrasolar plan 13.8 ox3b Thermal Inversion in the atmosphere of XO-3b
Gorjian Varoujan 526 DDT AGN/quasars/rad 0.3 fairall9 Capturing the Rare Spectral Change in a Nearby Seyfert
Burningham Ben 527 DDT brown dwarfs/ve 7.7 t8_benchmark The first T8+ benchmark
Beichman Charles 528 DDT circumstellar/d 1.5 hd69830ddt Monitoring the Variability of the HD69830 Zodiacal Cloud
Brinkworth Carolyn 529 DDT circumstellar/d 4.0 sdss1228ddt Dust in the disk around the unique single white dwarf SDSS1228+1040
Su Kate 530 DDT circumstellar/d 1.5 hd218396_ddt The structure of Debris Disk around 3-Planet Host Star HD218396
Riechers Dominik 531 DDT high-z galaxies 23.7 gn20 First Clues to Star Formation in the "High Redshift Tail" of Submillimeter Galaxies
Stencel Robert 532 DDT ISM 0.5 rhya_ddt Tie Breaking Spectra of the Dusty Bow Shock Near R Hya
Flagey Nicolas 533 DDT compact objects 1.0 flagey_ddt Spectroscopic survey of 24 microns selected dust-free SNR candidates
Fressin Francois 534 DDT extrasolar plan 20.0 corot-exo-7b CoRoT?-Exo-7b: Confirming the first transiting rocky planet
Howell Steve 535 DDT massive stars 0.1 e_aurigae Early Science - Epsilon Aurigae
Helou George 536 DDT intermediate-z 8.1 5muses_ddt Second-Look Observations of Extreme 5MUSES Sources
Kipping David 537 DDT extrasolar plan 18.2 hd80606b_ddt A unique opportunity: The transiting planet with the longest year
Chary Ranga-Ra 538 DDT GRBs 39.9 grb090423_ddt GRB090423: A Lighthouse at the Epoch of Reionization
Stauffer John 539 DDT brown dwarfs/ve 1.8 propmo Tests of Warm Spitzer Astrometry and Proper Motion Determination
Hebrard Guillaum 540 DDT extrasolar plan 19.0 hd80606b_jan2010 First complete transit observation of the 111-day-period planet HD80606b
Ballard Sarah 541 DDT extrasolar plan 18.0 gj436c The First Exoplanet Smaller than the Earth
Desert Jean-Mic 542 DDT extrasolar plan 9.0 gj1214 Probing the atmosphere of the coolest super-Earth
Stencel Robert 543 DDT circumstellar/d 0.2 e_aurigae_2 IRAC warm observations of epsilon Aurigae, first half of eclipse
Kelley Michael 544 DDT asteroids 8.3 p2010_a2 The Peculiar Object P/2010 A2 (LINEAR)
Egami Eiichi 545 DDT galaxy clusters 67.0 irac_lens_ddt More of the The IRAC Lensing Survey
Lecavelier Alain 546 DDT extrasolar plan 29.0 corot-9b Search for rings and satellites around the temperate exoplanet CoRoT?-9b
Kasliwal Mansi 547 DDT nearby galaxies 1.0 ptf10fqs_ddt PTF10fqs: A Luminous Red Nova in the Spiral Messier 99
Cooray Asantha 548 DDT high-z galaxies 8.7 heratlas Spitzer Followup and of Key Discoveries in Herschel-ATLAS Science Demonstration Phase Field
Eisenhardt Peter 549 DDT ULIRGS/LIRGS/HL 0.8 wise1814+34 Deep IRAC Imaging of the z=2.45 Hyper-Luminous IR Galaxy WISE 1814+34
Botticella Maria Te 550 DDT evolved stars/p 1.6 sn2010dn Follow-up observations of SN 2010dn
Mainzer Amanda 551 DDT brown dwarfs/ve 1.3 lyra1 Follow-up Observations of Lyra1
Markwick-K Francisc 1094 DDT ISM 16.0 ckemper The composition and evolution of dust in astrophysical environments
Fernandez Yanga 1095 DDT comets 16.0 fellcomets1 Physical Evolution of Comets and Cometary Dust
Spoon Henrik 1096 DDT ULIRGS/LIRGS/HL 10.0 dustlirgs Dust in ULIRG environments
Gallagher Sarah 1097 DDT AGN/quasars/rad 12.8 scg Measuring the Far Infrared Spectral Energy Distributions of a Complete Sample of Broad Absorption Line Quasars
Kessler-Si Jacqueli 1098 DDT circumstellar/d 10.0 kessler_fellowship Crystalline Silicates in Circumstellar Accretion Disks
Jayaraman Sumita 1099 DDT zodiacal dust 14.3 earthring Exploration of the Earth's Resonant Ring
Appleton Philip 1100 DDT interacting/mer 0.3 arp94 70 Micron Imaging of Arp 94
Carr John 2300 GO Circumstellar/D 30.0 gaslife Evolution of Gaseous Disks and the Formation of Giant and Terrestrial Planets
Imanishi Masatosh 2306 GO AGN/Quasars/Rad 15.5 bagn_ima Buried AGNs in ultraluminous infrared galaxies - A search for a strong dust temperature gradient -
Hunter Deidre 2310 GO Nearby Galaxies 5.0 irrh2 Molecular Clouds and Star Formation in Dwarf Irregular Galaxies
Kuchner Marc 2313 GO circumstellar/d 15.8 wdplanets Survey for Planets and Exozodiacal Dust Around White Dwarfs
Hoard Donald 2314 GO brown Dwarfs/Ve 13.4 cvs_with_bds Detecting the Brown Dwarf Secondary Stars in Cataclysmic Variables
Woodward Charles 2316 GO Comets 25.0 chick-comets The Astromineralogy of Solar System Comets
Sykes Mark 2317 GO Zodiacal Dust 170.9 zody The Production of Zodiacal Dust by Asteroids and Comets
Beichman Charles 2324 GO Circumstellar/D 42.0 comparative_planetology The SIM/TPF Sample: First Steps in the Comparative Planetology of Neighboring Solar Systems
Woodward Charles 2333 GO Evolved Stars/P 10.5 chick-toonv ToO? Observations of Galactic and Magellanic Cloud Classical Novae
Sahai Raghvend 2345 GO Evolved Stars/P 14.4 sahai_bulge2 Mass Loss from Galactic Bulge Giants: Probing Stellar and Galactic Evolution
Jackson James 2361 GO Star Formation 20.0 irdc The small scale structure of cluster forming Infrared Dark Clouds
Storrie-Lo Lisa 3117 Archive AGN/Quasars/Rad 0.0 sl_flsxgal The Spitzer First Look Survey Extragalactic SED Database
Reach William 3119 GO Comets 14.1 comdustgo1 Survey of Cometary Debris Trails
Kraemer Kathleen 3121 GO Star Formation 23.1 irdcs_kek Infrared Dark Clouds in the Inner Galaxy
Alexander David 3124 GO AGN/Quasars/Rad 18.1 davo A census of AGN activity in the local Universe
Barmby Pauline 3126 GO Local Group Gal 35.5 pbarmby_m31 A Complete IRAC Map of M31
Jackson James 3127 GO Galactic Struct 13.3 24micronsurvey 24 Micron Survey of the Galactic Plane
Cruz Kelle 3136 GO brown Dwarfs/Ve 20.2 cruz_irs_ls The Mid-Infrared Spectrophotometric Properties of a Complete Sample of the Nearest L Dwarfs
Reach William 3137 GO Young Stellar O 9.1 newproto Spectroscopy of Spitzer-discovered Protostars in the Elephant Trunk Nebula
Thuan Trinh 3139 GO Nearby Galaxies 39.1 thuanbcd The infrared spectral energy distribution of metal-deficient blue compact dwarf galaxies: local templates for primordial galaxies
Smail Ian 3143 GO High-z Galaxies 16.3 irs A Panoramic 24-um/HST Survey for Obscured Activity in Clusters at z~0.5
Wooden Diane 3152 GO Comets 5.3 wooden_too_cp1 IRS Observations of a ToO? Oort Cloud Comet at Four Heliocentric Distances from 7-3 AU
Jaffe Walter 3161 GO Galaxy Clusters 4.2 coolclusters Cool Molecular Gas in Cooling Flow Clusters
Strauss Michael 3163 GO AGN/Quasars/Rad 14.2 type2qso Mid- and Far-Infrared Spectral Energy Distribution of Type II Quasars from the Sloan Digital Sky Survey
Blommaert Joris 3167 GO Evolved Stars/P 14.4 agbdust The dust sequence along the AGB
Skillman Evan 3177 GO Starburst Galax 24.8 h2_n4214 Probing the Neutral to Molecular Transition in the Dwarf Starburst Galaxy NGC 4214
Megeath Tom 3178 GO Young Stellar O 9.5 megeath Searching for Proto-clusters in a Quiescent GIant Molecular Cloud: A Survey for Low Mass Stars and Protostars in Maddalena's Cloud
Bosh Amanda 3180 GO Planets 0.7 asb_pluto Changing Seasons on Pluto: A Stellar Occultation Opportunity
Leitherer Claus 3185 GO Massive Stars 54.3 smc_wr The Rich and the Poor: Wolf-Rayet Star Populations in Different Chemical Environments
Veilleux Sylvain 3187 GO Interacting/Mer 95.3 merger_evolution The Evolution of Activity in Massive Gas-Rich Mergers
Schuller Frederic 3189 GO Massive Stars 18.8 irs_cmz_ysos The recent formation of massive stars in the Galactic Center region
Fan Xiaohui 3198 GO AGN/Quasars/Rad 15.0 fan_highzqso Infrared Spectral Energy Distributions of the Most Distant Quasars
Marsh Kenneth 3205 Archive AGN/Quasars/Rad 0.0 marsh_fls Resolution-Enhanced (HiRes?) Imaging of the FLS Galactic and Extragalactic Components
Le Floc'h Emeric 3216 GO High-z Galaxies 18.5 mic_spitz1 Mid-Infrared spectral properties of luminous starbursts and active nuclei at redshift z>0.6 : exploring the distant Universe with IRS
Fan Xiaohui 3221 GO AGN/Quasars/Rad 4.5 fan_bllac Lineless Quasars at High-Redshift: BL Lacs or A New Class of Unbeamed Quasars?
Sturm Eckhard 3223 GO AGN/Quasars/Rad 25.5 qso2_irs X-ray selected Type-2 QSOs -- Their Mid-Infrared Properties and Physical Nature
Forman William 3228 GO Galaxy Clusters 2.9 wrf Effects of Cooling Gas, Star Formation, Active Nuclei, and Mergers in Clusters of Galaxies
Spencer John 3229 GO Kuiper Belt Obj 28.8 binaries Density and Composition of Kuiper Belt Objects, Using Binaries
Haas Martin 3231 GO AGN/Quasars/Rad 10.1 mfhaas Establishing the mid-infrared selection of AGN
Greaves Jane 3234 GO ISM 6.0 w4_supernova Initial conditions of star formation: the clouds created around the expanding W4 supernova remnant
Waelkens Christof 3235 GO Evolved Stars/P 7.5 agb_pagb The composition and evolution of circumstellar dust from AGB to post-AGB and PNe phases.
Sturm Eckhard 3237 GO AGN/Quasars/Rad 37.9 liner_irs_survey Mid-infrared properties, excitation mechanisms and AGN content of LINERs -- An IRS survey
Lutz Dieter 3241 GO High-z Galaxies 43.1 dl_subspec Massive spheroids in formation: A spectroscopic study of (sub)mm galaxies
Ashok Nagarhal 3242 GO Evolved Stars/P 4.4 ashok STUDY OF A NEW CLASS OF NOVA-LIKE VARIABLES
Tomsick John 3246 GO Compact Objects 12.0 jtomsick Compact Jets from Galactic Black Holes
Struck Curtis 3247 GO Interacting/Mer 31.4 sb&t Spirals, Bridges and Tails: Star Formation and the Disturbed ISM in Colliding Galaxies before Merger.
Meikle W. Peter 3248 GO Evolved Stars/P 35.1 meikle Infrared Study of Supernova Ejecta and Dust
Kashlinsky Alexande 3253 Archive Cosmic Infrared 0.0 kashlinsky Structure of cosmic infrared background from First Look Survey
Burgasser Adam 3259 GO brown Dwarfs/Ve 1.2 aburgasser2 Mid-Infrared Spectroscopy of the Coldest Known Brown Dwarf 2MASS 0415-0935: Physical Diagnostics and Spectral Modeling
Neufeld David 3266 GO Evolved Stars/P 17.2 neufeld_snr IRS Spectroscopy of Shocked Molecular Gas in Supernova Remnants: Probing the Interaction of a Supernova with a Molecular Cloud
Gallimore Jack 3269 GO Starburst Galax 46.3 gallimoresed Infrared SEDs of Seyfert Galaxies: Starbursts and the Nature of the Obscuring Medium
Van Wincke Hans 3274 GO Evolved Stars/P 7.7 hansvanwinckel Dusty discs around binary post-AGB stars and their relation to protoplanetary discs.
Egan Michael 3277 GO Extragalactic S 17.0 dustysmc Dusty Evolved Stars in the Small Magellanic Cloud
Waller William 3280 GO Local Group Gal 10.7 whw-m33-hii Stellar-Nebular Feedback in Galaxian Starbursts: IR Spectral Imaging of HII Regions in M33
Brown Michael 3283 GO Kuiper Belt Obj 21.3 icyplanetoids Characterization of the Icy Planetoids of the Outer Solar System
Richards Gordon 3284 Archive AGN/Quasars/Rad 0.0 flsdr1qsos Optical-IR SEDs of SDSS Quasars in the Archival Spitzer-FLS Data
Steidel Charles 3285 GO High-z Galaxies 16.6 steideligm The Missing Link in the Galaxy Formation Paradigm: Direct Observations of Energetic Feedback at z~1.5-2.5
Reid Iain 3286 GO brown Dwarfs/Ve 7.5 inr A search for planetary-mass brown dwarf companions to young M dwarfs in the Solar Neighbourhood
Muno Michael 3289 GO Compact Objects 3.5 mmuno-circumlmxb Searching for Circumbinary Disks around Low-Mass X-ray Binaries
Langer William 3290 GO Young Stellar O 19.5 langer Chemical Evolution of Dust Grains in Prestellar Cores
Bell Eric 3294 GO Galaxy Clusters 39.0 a901 Environmental drivers of galaxy evolution: IR-derived star formation rates in the Abell 901/902 supercluster
Simpson Janet 3295 GO ISM 13.1 gc2004 Environmental Effects of Starbursts at the Galactic Center
Cheung Chi 3296 GO AGN/Quasars/Rad 2.3 ccheung Particle Acceleration in Two 3CR Quasar Hotspots
Whittet Douglas 3303 GO ISM 39.6 dcbw The Evolution of Astrophysical Ices: The Carbon Dioxide Diagnostic
Hansen Bradley 3309 GO Compact Objects 3.1 secgen A search for second generation planetary systems around white dwarf merger remnants
Rudnick Lawrence 3310 GO Evolved Stars/P 14.2 lrcas The Evolution of Dust in Cassiopeia A
Noriega-Cr Alberto 3315 GO Young Stellar O 18.0 h2_outflows Emission from H2, PAHs, and Warm Dust in Proto-stellar Jets
Bolatto Alberto 3316 GO Local Group Gal 48.8 smcmap The Small Magellanic Cloud: A Template for the Primitive Interstellar Medium
Gottesman Stephen 3319 GO Nearby Galaxies 3.8 coldhydrogen Mid-Infrared H2 Lines in Edge-On Galaxies
Pendleton Yvonne 3320 GO ISM 25.9 quidust Solid State Chemistry in Dense Clouds Along Quiescent Lines of Sight
Frayer David 3325 GO High-z Galaxies 34.6 frayer Confusion-Limited 70um Imaging of the GOODS Hubble Deep Field North
Malkan Matthew 3326 Archive AGN/Quasars/Rad 0.0 mips_classification_fls Far-IR Measurement of AGN and Starburst Activity in the First Look Survey
Bondi Marco 3327 GO AGN/Quasars/Rad 3.1 mb-hotspots Catching the bulk of non-thermal radiation from hot-spots: proving particle acceleration in extragalactic radio sources
Stern Daniel 3329 GO High-z Galaxies 28.0 sternhzrg The Most Massive Galaxies at Every Epoch: A Comprehensive Spitzer Survey of High-Redshift Radio Galaxies
Barlow Michael 3333 GO Nearby Galaxies 9.3 sndust Supernovae and the Origin of Dust in Galaxies
Dartois Emmanuel 3336 GO ISM 15.6 pontoppidan Mapping ices in a dense cloud toward background stars: Tracers of solid state chemistry at high spatial resolution
Crowther Paul 3337 GO Massive Stars 11.5 w31cluster Spitzer Observations of Newly Born Massive Stars in the W31 Cluster
Hubert Anne-Mar 3340 GO Massive Stars 23.7 hubert IR census of Be stars in clusters and their surrounding field
Hony Sacha 3345 GO Evolved Stars/P 2.5 detached_shells_hony detached_shells_carbon_stars
Pilachowsk Catherin 3347 GO Circumstellar/D 12.1 clusterdisks Evolution of Debris Disks around A Stars in Young Clusters
Dubus Guillaum 3348 GO AGN/Quasars/Rad 8.8 pks2155 Probing jet physics with the TeV? blazar PKS 2155-304
Siebenmorg Ralf 3349 GO AGN/Quasars/Rad 6.6 rsiebenm IRS spectroscopy of 3CR radio galaxies and quasars: Probing the unified schemes and the starburst contribution.
Fuchs Yael 3352 GO Compact Objects 4.4 grs1915 Mid-Infrared and multi-wavelength monitoring of the microquasar GRS 1915+105.
Colbert Edward 3360 GO Interacting/Mer 9.3 ngc4485/90 The Connection between ULXs and Infrared Star-Forming Regions in the Merging Pair of Galaxies NGC 4485/90
Evans Aneurin 3362 GO Evolved Stars/P 16.9 born-again In the BAG: Spitzer observations of the `born-again' phenomenon
Tedesco Edward 3366 Archive Asteroids 0.0 esseps Enhancing Science from the Spitzer Ecliptic Plane Survey
Cochran William 3371 GO Circumstellar/D 25.0 cochran_hyades Debris Disks Around Hyades Stars
Lebzelter Thomas 3373 GO Evolved Stars/P 12.9 lebzelter Revealing the Nature of Mass Loss in Globular Cluster Stars
Kraemer Steven 3374 GO AGN/Quasars/Rad 7.0 sbk_s19_1 Spitzer/IRS Observations of Seyfert 1.8 and 1.9 Galaxies: Probing the Dusty Torus at Intermediate Viewing Angles
Inskip Katherin 3377 GO AGN/Quasars/Rad 5.9 inskipgps To what extent does star formation precede the onset of AGN activity?
O'Connell Robert 3384 GO Galaxy Clusters 14.5 ccfirs Mid-Infrared Spectroscopy of Massive Cluster Cooling Flows
Zaritsky Dennis 3393 GO Nearby Galaxies 8.9 dzdust Exploring the Nature of Dust in the Outer Disks of Galaxies
Bonnell Ian 3394 GO Star Clusters 9.1 clusters_iab The formation of clusters: Comparing the star formation processes in the Rosette and Maddalena Clouds
Grossan Bruce 3396 Archive Cosmic Infrared 0.0 cfibflucts Cosmic Far-IR Background Fluctuation Studies of the FLS
Hamann Wolf-Rai 3397 GO Massive Stars 2.8 wrh Wolf-Rayet stars in the central region of the Milky Way
Rich Michael 3400 GO Local Group Gal 32.2 rich-lggc A Local Group Inventory of Simple Stellar Populations
Abraham Peter 3401 GO Circumstellar/D 12.2 fstars Study of an ISO-based sample of Vega stars: towards a better understanding of the evolutionary sequence
Surace Jason 3403 GO Interacting/Mer 11.9 surace_oldmergers A Mid/Far-Infrared Imaging Survey of Advanced Major-Merger Remnants: Fine-Structure Elliptical Galaxies
Seager Sara 3405 GO Extrasolar Plan 11.9 hd209458b_temp Characterizing the Atmosphere and Evolution of the Transiting Extrasolar Planet HD 209458b
Bremer Malcolm 3406 GO High-z Galaxies 13.0 lehnertbdf Intermediate Aged Stars at Very High Redshifts: Constraining the Progeny of the Sources Responsible for Re-Ionization
Yan Haojing 3407 GO High-z Galaxies 4.4 iracelaisn1 Filling the IRAC Gap in a Deep MIPS 24-micron Field
Buckalew Brent 3410 GO Nearby Galaxies 5.1 brentyclusterism Impact of Young Star Clusters in Nearby Galaxies on the Local Interstellar Medium as a Function of Age Using IRS Spectra
Rubin Robert 3412 GO Nearby Galaxies 21.0 rrubin Galactic Chemical Evolution and the Hot Star, H II Region Connection
Blair William 3413 GO Evolved Stars/P 5.6 kepler_bang Kepler's SNR at 400 Years: A Dust Processing Laboratory
Bally John 3416 GO ISM 10.0 bally_irs Shock Dissipation in Nearby Star Forming Regions
Birkinshaw Mark 3418 GO AGN/Quasars/Rad 33.5 3crr_lowz The low-redshift 3CRR sources
Bressan Alessand 3419 GO Nearby Galaxies 23.0 agbetype Breaking the Age-Metallicity degeneracy in local early-type galaxies: clues about the formation and evolution of spheroids.
Smith Nathan 3420 GO HII Regions 9.1 carina Spitzer Survey of Triggered Star Formation in the Carina Nebula
Gallagher Sarah 3421 GO AGN/Quasars/Rad 7.6 balqso-winds Dust in the Wind: Mid-Infrared Spectroscopy of Broad Absorption Line Quasars
Melnick Gary 3423 GO ISM 22.5 gmelnick The Structure and Evolution of Proto-Stellar Outflow Shocks
Kastner Joel 3426 GO Extragalactic S 27.0 lmcagb The Spitzer IRS Spectral Atlas of Infrared-Luminous Evolved Stars in the Large Magellanic Cloud
Figer Donald 3429 GO Massive Stars 4.2 figer Mid-Infrared Spectroscopy of the Most Massive Stars
Leggett Sandy 3431 GO brown Dwarfs/Ve 38.8 lt10sp An IRS Study of the Coolest T Dwarfs and the L-T Transition
Richards Eric 3433 Archive AGN/Quasars/Rad 0.0 deepradio The Far-Infrared Properties of A Large Radio Selected Sample in the SIRTF-FLS
Bergin Edwin 3434 GO Young Stellar O 3.9 ebergin_hmsf The Structure and Content of Pre-Stellar Massive Cores
Calvet Nuria 3437 GO Circumstellar/D 11.0 ori_ob1 Disk Evolution in the Orion OB1 Association
Xu C. Kevin 3440 GO Galaxy Clusters 7.0 ckxu1 Dust Emission in the Intra-Group Medium (IGM) of Stephan's Quintet
Marengo Massimo 3441 GO Circumstellar/D 1.4 kh51d An IRAC view of the eclipsing pre-main-sequence star KH 15D
van der We Paul 3453 GO High-z Galaxies 5.0 smmtriples IRS spectroscopy of strongly lensed faint high redshift submillimeter galaxies: star formation and extinction
Howk J. Chris 3454 GO Nearby Galaxies 9.2 howk A Spitzer Study of Extraplanar Dust in Spiral Galaxies
Agol Eric 3469 GO Circumstellar/D 1.2 ericagolkh15d Infrared observations of an eclipsing binary T Tauri star
Bouwman Jeroen 3470 GO Circumstellar/D 14.4 haebedisks The mineralogy of proto-planetary disks surrounding Herbig Ae/Be stars
Blain Andrew 3473 GO High-z Galaxies 13.5 blainimaging Deep infrared imaging around ultraluminous high-redshift galaxies
Popescu Cristina 3475 GO Galaxy Clusters 11.4 popescu A MIPS Investigation of Cold Dust Surrounding Gas-Rich Dwarf Galaxies in the Virgo Cluster
Bertoldi Frank 3477 GO Starburst Galax 27.9 bertoldi Identifying the Earliest Massive Starbursts: Picking the Redshift-Temperature Lock
van Breuge Wil 3482 GO Galaxy Clusters 28.1 protowvb IRAC Imaging of a Proto Galaxy Cluster at z~3
Rho Jeonghee 3483 GO Evolved Stars/P 11.2 youngsnr Dust Formation and Heavy Elements in Young Supernova Remnants
Knapp Gillian 3490 GO ISM 3.1 sdssdust Investigation of Red Emission from Interstellar Dust Clouds
Apai Daniel 3499 GO brown Dwarfs/Ve 11.0 browndisk Mineralogy, Grain Growth and Dust Settling in Brown Dwarf Disks: Exploring the Conditions for Planet Formation
Redfield Seth 3501 GO Circumstellar/D 9.5 lismdd Probing Dust Disks Around Nearby Stars with Gas Disk Signatures
Wood Peter 3505 GO Extragalactic S 31.0 mc_prop1 Mass loss from red giants: its development, dust properties, and dependence on the stellar parameters mass, luminosity and metallicity
Sparks William 3506 GO Galaxy Clusters 5.2 wbsparks1 Hot Dust in Cool Cores
Lawson Warrick 3508 GO Circumstellar/D 5.8 etachadisks From protoplanetary disks to debris disks: The evolution of circumstellar disks in the 9 Myr old eta Chamaeleontis cluster
Joblin Christin 3512 GO HII Regions 26.4 specpdr Very Small Particles and Chemistry in Photodissociation Regions
Falgarone Edith 3513 GO Nearby Galaxies 17.7 h2_glitters Glitters of warm H2 in cold diffuse molecular gas
Heinz Sebastia 3520 GO Compact Objects 2.1 heinzs Observing the infrared jet in Cyg X1
Hornscheme Ann 3521 GO Galaxy Clusters 6.9 hornschemeier_coma_outskirts Uncovering Galaxies and Star Formation in the Outskirts of Coma
Zhang Qizhou 3528 GO Massive Stars 10.7 qizhou IRAC and MIPS Imaging of High Mass Outlfows: Pobing the Role of Accretion and Clustering in Massive Star Formation
Orton Glenn 3534 GO Planets 9.2 un The Atmospheres of Uranus and Neptune: A Time-Resolved Mid-Infrared Assessment of Their Energetic Processes
Bregman Joel 3535 GO Nearby Galaxies 12.8 jbregman The Ages and Mass Loss Rates of Elliptical Galaxies
Skinner Stephen 3536 GO Massive Stars 1.4 skinners Massive O Stars and Disks in the Young Stellar Cluster NGC 6193
Grundy Will 3542 GO Kuiper Belt Obj 102.4 classy The Dynamical History of the Classical Kuiper Belt: Radiometric Diameters and Albedos
Elmegreen Debra 3544 GO Interacting/Mer 1.8 elmegreen IRAC and MIPS Observations of the Interacting Galaxies IC 2163 and NGC 2207
Zepf Steve 3547 GO Star Clusters 1.3 ngc4365 Testing Stellar Populations Models with IRAC Observations of Intermediate-Age Globular Clusters in NGC~4365
Zuckerman Ben 3548 GO Compact Objects 8.1 wddisks Identifying and Studying Circumstellar Disks Around Nearby Metal-Rich White Dwarfs
Becklin Eric 3549 GO Compact Objects 7.0 wdbdwarfs Ultracool Brown Dwarfs and Massive Planets Around Nearby White Dwarfs
Jones Christin 3550 GO Interacting/Mer 2.5 cjf Star Formation and Galaxy Evolution During a Supersonic Cluster Merger
Elvis Martin 3551 GO AGN/Quasars/Rad 8.0 toriradioloud Unravelling the Nature of Dusty Tori in Radio-Loud Active Galactic Nuclei
McCarthy? Patrick 3554 GO High-z Galaxies 10.9 pmccarthy The Growth of Stellar Mass at z > 2: Spitzer Imaging of the Gemini Deep Deep Survey Fields
Looney Leslie 3557 GO Circumstellar/D 3.5 lwl Embedded Protostars: Looking for Holes in Star Formation
Patience Jenny 3558 GO Circumstellar/D 15.1 patience Using Spitzer to Reveal the Connection between Disks, Stellar Rotation, and Binaries
Gizis John 3562 GO brown Dwarfs/Ve 3.9 dmeexcess Coronal and Chromospheric Heating in Active Dwarf Stars
Chu You-Hua 3565 GO Local Group Gal 21.5 chu_hii Massive Star Forming Regions in the Large Magellanic Cloud
Vacca William 3567 GO Starburst Galax 2.4 vacca Uncovering Buried Treasures in Nearby Starburst Galaxies
Weinberger Alycia 3577 GO Circumstellar/D 0.4 resolve141569 MIPS Photometry of the HD 141569 Triple System: Resolving a Puzzle and Searching for Disks
Misselt Karl 3578 GO local group gal 20.7 putrid Infrared Extinction in the Magellanic Clouds
Honda Mitsuhik 3580 GO Circumstellar/D 5.2 disk_sil Study of Far-Infrared Crystalline Silicate Features of Dust in Debris Disks and Protoplanetary Disks
Grav Tommy 3582 GO Satellites 18.1 irrsat Determining Albedos and Sizes for Irregular Satellites of Jupiter and Saturn
Onaka Takashi 3583 GO Evolved Stars/P 10.5 onaka_timv Time Variation Observations of Mid-Infrared Spectra of Mira Variables in NEP and LMC
Padgett Deborah 3584 GO Young Stellar O 134.4 tauprop A Spitzer Imaging Survey of the Entire Taurus Molecular Cloud
Urry Megan 3586 GO AGN/Quasars/Rad 2.5 quasar_jets On First Infrared Light from Large-scale Quasar Jets
Markwick-K Francisc 3591 GO Local Group Gal 7.6 ckemper2 The O-rich condensation sequence at low metallicity: Large Magellanic Cloud AGB and post-AGB stars
Fox Derek 3592 GO GRBs 23.4 highestzgrb Spitzer Observations of the Highest-Redshift Gamma-Ray Bursts
Cassinelli Joseph 3594 GO Massive Stars 2.9 cassinelli Determining Wolf Rayet Wind Structure from IRS Spectra
Johnson Kelsey 3596 GO Galaxy Clusters 17.5 compact-groups Where is the Dust and Star Formation in Compact Groups of Galaxies?
Ghavamian Parviz 3598 GO Evolved Stars/P 6.6 g292 Probing the Shocked and Photoionized Ejecta in the Oxygen-Rich Supernova Remnant G292.0+1.8
Song Inseok 3600 GO Circumstellar/D 10.7 songgo Disk Census of Nearby Young Stellar Groups
Skinner Stephen 3603 GO Massive Stars 1.3 skinners2 Massive Protostars Traced by Methanol Masers
Bradford Charles 3605 GO Nearby Galaxies 15.7 bradford Molecular Gas in IR-Bright Galaxies: Masses and Physical Conditions
Deming Drake 3607 GO Circumstellar/D 2.1 deming_kh_15d KH 15D: Infrared Emission from Gas and Dust, Near and Far
Chiar Jean 3616 GO ISM 16.3 mistyjean Solving the Mysteries of Interstellar Dust Composition in the Milky Way
Kaneda Hidehiro 3619 GO Nearby Galaxies 13.6 x-ray-ellipticals Observations of X-ray-bright Dusty Elliptical Galaxies
Best Philip 3621 GO High-z Galaxies 3.2 z1.5clusts Galaxy mass functions and star formation rates in redshift 1.5 clusters
Antonucci Robert 3624 GO AGN/Quasars/Rad 27.0 dwhysong3c Unified Models and Power Sources in Radio-Loud AGN
Gizis John 3626 GO brown Dwarfs/Ve 1.0 twabd Searching for Disks in TW Hya Association Brown Dwarfs
Franx Marijn 3630 GO High-z Galaxies 7.2 m1054 Very Deep IRAC imaging of MS1054-03: the nature of high redshift, near IR selected galaxies
Bobrowsky Matthew 3633 GO Evolved Stars/P 10.0 bulge-pne Galactic Bulge Planetary Nebulae as Probes of Stellar Evolution
Perez-Four Ismael 3640 GO ULIRGS/LIRGS/HL 65.9 elais_irs IRS observations of ultraluminous ELAIS galaxies
Van Dyk Schuyler 3641 GO GRBs 2.9 sn01em The Enigmatic Supernova 2001em: Off-Axis GRB Afterglow?
Balazs Lajos 3644 GO Intermediate-z 29.2 firsn Far Infrared Study of SN Ia Host Galaxies
Slane Patrick 3647 GO Evolved Stars/P 14.5 slane Breaking Down the Spectra of Pulsar Wind Nebulae
Cote Patrick 3649 GO Local Group Gal 24.5 svcs The Optical/Infrared Dust Properties of Early-Type Galaxies
Garnavich Peter 3653 GO GRBs 73.8 grb Gamma-Ray Burst Physics in the Spitzer/Swift Era
Debes John 3655 GO Compact Objects 9.7 debeswdpl Searching the Stellar Graveyard for Planets and Brown Dwarfs with SST
Mundy Lee 3656 GO Young Stellar O 15.0 umd_darkcores Star Formation in Isolated Cores: A Solitary Existence?
Graham James 3657 GO Circumstellar/D 23.6 aumic Exploring a newly discovered debris disk: Gas content and dust mineralogy during the epoch of planet formation.
Lisse Carey 3658 GO Comets 17.0 t1encounter Comet 9P/Tempel 1 During the Deep Impact Encounter
Lisse Carey 3660 GO Comets 8.7 t1dustchar The Dust Environment of Comet 9P/Tempel 1
Teplitz Harry 3661 GO High-z Galaxies 17.9 hit_goods 16 micron Imaging of GOODS-South and the UDF
Morris Mark 3668 GO Evolved Stars/P 13.4 coasting The Progression of Mass-Loss During the AGB Star?Planetary Nebula Transition
Li Aigen 3669 GO ISM 6.2 aigenli Spitzer Observations of the High-Latitude Translucent Cloud toward HD 210121: A Sightline with Exceedingly Anomalous Ultraviolet Interstellar Extinction
Mazzarella Joseph 3672 GO ULIRGS/LIRGS/HL 90.1 mazz Spitzer Observations of a Complete Sample of Luminous Infrared Galaxies in the Local Universe
Leitherer Claus 3674 GO AGN/Quasars/Rad 8.9 liners Discovering the Nature of LINERS: A Mutiwavelength Investigation
Stolovy Susan 3677 GO ISM 15.7 stolovygc High Resolution Imaging of the Galactic Center with Spitzer/IRAC
Borkowski Kazimier 3680 GO Local Group Gal 21.4 kazikb Ejecta and Interstellar Dust in Magellanic Clouds Supernova Remnants
Walker Russell 3692 Archive Comets 0.0 trails_fls A Search for Comet Debris Trails in the Spitzer FLS Fields
Sanwal Divas 3696 GO Compact Objects 5.3 divas Mid-IR observations of young pulsars
Wolfire Mark 3697 GO HII Regions 7.8 mwolfire Tracking Warm H_2 in Photodissociation Regions
Fernandez Yanga 3698 GO Asteroids 9.0 smalltrojansurvey Surface History and Evolution of Small Jovian Trojans
Colbert James 3699 GO High-z Galaxies 20.6 colbert_ly_filam Measuring the Mass, SFR, and Ages of Galaxies Within the z=2.38 Filament
Wong Michael 3712 GO Planets 3.4 bigger A look at the large end of the jovian ring particle size distribution
Stringfell Guy 3716 GO Circumstellar/D 20.0 guystring Accretion Outbursts in EXORs and their impact on the Circumstellar Environment
Chakrabart Deepto 3718 GO Evolved Stars/P 9.3 deepto Search for Fallback Disks in Young Supernova Remnants
Huang Jiasheng 3720 GO High-z Galaxies 7.4 swillner2 Identification and Stellar Content of the Mysterious SCUBA Galaxies
Tamblyn Peter 3723 GO Asteroids 1.6 ptamblyn Sizes and Albedos of Within an Exceptionally Young Asteroid Family
Goudfrooij Paul 3725 GO Stellar Populat 19.8 irac_gcs A Spitzer Space Telescope/IRAC Database of Globular Clusters: Calibration of population synthesis models in the mid-IR
Mittaz Jonathan 3726 GO AGN/Quasars/Rad 6.0 jondot The symbiosis of AGN activity and galaxy formation
Fruchter Andrew 3730 GO GRBs 40.5 afruchter Isolating GRB Supernovae
Goldman Bertrand 3736 GO brown Dwarfs/Ve 16.0 bgoldman Atmospheric variability in brown dwarfs with IRAC
Verma Aprajita 3746 GO ULIRGS/LIRGS/HL 15.4 verma1 A spectroscopic study of local hyperluminous infrared galaxies
Yan Lin 3748 GO High-z Galaxies 65.0 lyan-irs IRS Spectroscopy of Dusty Galaxies at z ~ 1 - 2: Bridging the gap between ISO and SCUBA
Berger Edo 20000 GO GRBs 17.0 cc-grb-highz Gotcha! Using Swift GRBs to Pinpoint the Highest Redshift Galaxies
Lamy Philippe 20001 GO Comets 2.1 comet-73p A Multiwavelength Investigation of Comet 73P/SW3-C
Harrison Thomas 20003 GO Compact Objects 9.8 harrisonip The First Direct Measurement of the Magnetic Fields in the White Dwarfs of Intermediate Polars: Spectroscopy of their Mid-Infrared Cyclotron Features
Finn Rose 20009 GO Galaxy Clusters 14.6 halphafir Integrated H-alpha and Far Infrared Star Formation Rates of High Redshift Galaxy Clusters
Wolfire Mark 20012 GO ISM 14.0 rcw49pah PAH Emission in the Giant H II Region RCW49
Rebull Luisa 20015 GO Star Formation 49.3 namneb IRAC and MIPS Observations of the North American and Pelican Nebulae
Burgdorf Martin 20016 GO Dark Matter 2.1 golden_halos Search for Very Thick Disks Around NGC 891 and NGC 5907 with the IRS PUI
Woodward Charles 20021 GO Comets 55.0 cew_comets2 Solar System Comet Astromineralogy
von Hippel Ted 20026 GO Compact Objects 21.1 wdplanet Follow-up Study of Unusual White Dwarfs: Planets, Disks, and Deep 8 Micron Deficits
Audard Marc 20034 GO Massive Stars 4.1 rmon-hh39 Shocks and Outflows in Young Massive Stars: The R Mon / HH 39 System
Reach William 20039 GO Comets 16.1 comdust2 Disintegration of short-period comets
Ostriker Eve 20040 Theory Nearby Galaxies 0.0 spurs Global Modeling of Spur Formation in Spiral Galaxies
Cochran William 20044 Archive Circumstellar/D 0.0 cochran_archival Archival Study of Hyades Debris Disks
Harper Graham 20045 GO Evolved Stars/P 16.5 gharper Understanding the Thermodynamics of late-K and early-M Supergiant Winds
Kwitter Karen B. 20049 GO Evolved Stars/P 8.3 halocomp Abundances in Halo Planetary Nebulae: Was/Is the Galactic Halo Chemically Inhomogeneous?
Wolff Sidney 20052 GO Star Formation 11.8 ic1805 IRAC and MIPS Observations of IC 1805
Rubin Robert 20057 GO Local Group Gal 23.9 m33 Galactic Chemical Evolution & the Hot Star-H II Region Connection in M33
Stencel Robert 20058 GO Circumstellar/D 2.2 epsaur Epsilon Aurigae: a Laboratory for Understanding Circumstellar Disk Physics
Harvey Paul 20063 GO Circumstellar/D 8.7 serp70 Super-Resolution 70 Micron Mapping of the Dust Around Young Stars in Serpens
Bryden Geoffrey 20065 GO Circumstellar/D 5.8 bryden Debris Disks around COROT Target Stars
Governato Fabio 20067 Theory High-z Galaxies 0.0 governato Interpreting the SPITZER View of Galaxy Formation and Evolution
Sellgren Kris 20068 GO ISM 20.3 rn_cool IRAC Colors of Reflection Nebulae Illuminated by Cool Stars
Carpenter John 20069 GO Circumstellar/D 121.8 carpusco Circumstellar Disk Evolution Across the Stellar Mass Spectrum in the Upper Scorpius OB Association
Sanders David 20070 Legacy High-z Galaxies 220.0 scosmos S-COSMOS: The Spitzer Deep Survey of the HST COSMOS 2-Degreee ACS Field
Froning Cynthia 20074 GO Compact Objects 7.1 ss_cyg Structure and Evolution of Compact Binary Systems: Infrared Spectroscopy of SS Cygni
Jayaraman Sumita 20075 GO Zodiacal Dust 23.0 earthring2 Continued Observations of Earth's Resonant Ring
Jayaraman Sumita 20077 Archive Zodiacal Dust 0.0 zodyarchive2 Creating a Spitzer Zodiacal Cloud Database
Stauffer John 20079 GO brown Dwarfs/Ve 20.0 jrsweather A Sensitive Search for Variability in Late L dwarfs: the Quest for Weather
Polomski Elisha 20080 GO Local Group Gal 4.5 sn87 Infrared Spectroscopy of SN 1987A
Blain Andrew 20081 GO High-z Galaxies 90.0 blainirs05 Mid-IR spectroscopy of high-redshift ultraluminous dusty galaxies
Lacy Mark 20083 GO AGN/Quasars/Rad 21.9 lowz_qsos A direct comparison of the infared SEDs of type-1 and type-2 quasars
Shang Zhaohui 20084 GO AGN/Quasars/Rad 8.4 shang_qsosed Quasar Bolometric Luminosity and Spectral Energy Distributions from Radio to X-ray
Haas Martin 20090 GO AGN/Quasars/Rad 10.7 haas_isocp Exploring the nature of Mid-IR selected buried AGN candidates
Ingalls James 20093 GO ISM 15.8 hlcpah Heating and Cooling in the Translucent Interstellar Medium: Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons in High Galactic Latitude Clouds
Wolfire Mark 20097 GO HII Regions 23.8 pdrh2 Tracking Warm H2 in Photodissociation Regions
Banerjee Dipankar 20100 GO Evolved Stars/P 2.7 v445pup Infrared studies of the Helium nova V445 Puppis.
Hansen Bradley 20101 GO brown Dwarfs/Ve 7.6 hotcold Day and Night on Hot Jupiters
Hillenbran Lynne 20103 GO brown Dwarfs/Ve 17.3 hsw05 A Survey of 5 Myr Disks around Brown Dwarfs in the Upper Scorpius OB Association
Wooden Diane 20104 GO Comets 26.6 cometsb1t4 Spitzer Spectroscopy and Imaging of Oort Cloud Comets C/2004 B1 and C/2003 T4 During their Sojourns through the Solar System
Wooden Diane 20105 GO Comets 9.8 wooden_cy2_too Spitzer Observations of a ToO? Bright Oort Cloud Comet at Five Heliocentric Distances from 7-2 AU
Weingartne Joseph 20109 Theory ISM 0.0 weingartner Optical Properties of Cosmic Dust Materials
Dole Herve 20113 GO ULIRGS/LIRGS/HL 21.0 modzsed_hdole Probing the Moderate Redshift Galaxies Mid- and Far-Infrared Spectral Energy Distribution [ModzSED]
Lada Charles 20119 GO Young Stellar O 106.5 cp2-go-pipe The Darkest Cloud: An IRAC/MIPS survey of the Pipe Nebula
Hogg David 20120 GO Nearby Galaxies 17.1 lowlum A Search for PAH Emission in Extremely Low Luminosity Galaxies
Patten Brian 20121 GO Galactic Struct 6.7 macho-go2 Solving the Microlensing Puzzle: A Spitzer/IRAC Approach
Lada Charles 20124 GO Circumstellar/D 29.7 ngc2547_mips_deeper Revisiting NGC 2547: A Search for a More Complete Census of Debris Disks at 25 Myr
Bregman Jesse 20125 GO ISM 12.7 jbregman_rn Evaporating Grains in Reflection Nebulae?
Wolk Scott 20127 GO Star Clusters 9.6 swolk The Star Formation History (and Future) of RCW 38
Lagache Guilaine 20128 GO Intermediate-z 38.1 irs_lirgs_modz_glagache PAH contribution to the infrared output energy at redshift 0.1 to 0.6
Pendleton Yvonne 20129 GO ISM 5.0 icychem Ice Chemistry in IC 5146 : A Follow-Up Study of Dense Cloud Dust
Lanz Thierry 20130 GO Evolved Stars/P 9.4 cbss02 Searching for the Donor Star in Close Binary Supersoft Sources
Werner Michael 20132 GO Circumstellar/D 45.3 gowerner2005 IRS Diagnostic Spectroscopy of Debris Disks
Sheth Kartik 20138 GO Nearby Galaxies 15.0 kartik The M51 MIR Spectral Cube: A "Rosetta Stone" for Galaxy Evolution
Zezas Andreas 20140 GO Interacting/Mer 49.0 ig_ao2 The Spitzer Interacting Galaxies Survey : Investigating the connection between activity and galaxy interactions
Ogle Patrick 20142 GO AGN/Quasars/Rad 30.5 pgqsotori Spectroscopy of the Dusty Torus in PG Quasars
Gordon Karl 20146 GO ISM 28.0 kgordon_ir_ext Probing the Diffuse Interstellar Extinction Curve in the Spitzer Infrared
Frayer David 20147 GO High-z Galaxies 34.5 frayer_cdfs Ultra-Deep MIPS-70 Imaging of GOODS CDF-S
Crowther Paul 20154 GO Massive Stars 20.6 wrstarneon Neon in WC and WO stars - testing nucleosynthesis and and massive star evolutionary predictions
Nisini Brunella 20155 GO Young Stellar O 6.7 nisini_jets Probing the embedded molecular jets from Class 0 protostars
Harris Alan 20158 GO Asteroids 23.2 m.m.mueller A Robust Survey of the Physical Properties of the Karin Cluster Asteroids
Andersson B-G 20159 GO ISM 7.1 coalsackdust Grain Composition in the Southern Coalsack
Temi Pasquale 20171 GO Nearby Galaxies 19.8 far_ir The Origin and The Evolution of Dust in the Hot Interstellar gas of Elliptical Galaxies
Marleau Francine 20173 GO Local Group Gal 14.4 fmarleau Detailed Study of the Dust in M31's Four Elliptical Companions
Harris Daniel 20174 GO Extragalactic J 3.9 dehccc Physics of the Hotspots and Jets in the Powerful Radio Galaxy Cygnus A
Engelbrach Chad 20176 GO ULIRGS/LIRGS/HL 5.2 cengelbracht Spectral Energy Distributions of Star-Forming Galaxies, from Low Metallicity to Ultraluminous Infrared Galaxies
Xu C. Kevin 20187 GO Interacting/Mer 35.3 ckxu_kpair Local Benchmarks for the Evolution of Interacting Galaxies
Steidel Charles 20190 GO High-z Galaxies 22.8 q1700mips Bolometric Star Formation Rates as a Function of Large-Scale Environment at Z~2
Armus Lee 20193 GO Interacting/Mer 44.9 larmus1 IRS Spectral Mapping of Major Mergers
Turner Jean 20198 Archive Starburst Galax 0.0 risn2005ar Searching for the Most Massive Stars in Starbursts with Archival Spectra
Thompson David 20199 GO AGN/Quasars/Rad 10.0 blank_uss Radio Galaxies at Very High Redshift
Churchwell Ed 20201 Legacy Galactic Struct 148.8 glimpse2 GLIMPSE II: Imaging the Central +/-10 Degrees of the Galactic Plane with IRAC
Meixner Margaret 20203 Legacy Local Group Gal 511.0 sage Spitzer Survey of the Large Magellanic Cloud: Surveying the Agents of a Galaxy's Evolution (SAGE)
Cheng Kwang-Pi 20204 Archive Circumstellar/D 0.0 kpc_cs Are Dust Disks and Circumstellar Gas Around Young A Stars Unrelated Phenomena?
Sitko Michael 20205 GO Comets 35.6 sitkocomet Infrared Spectroscopy of Comet 73P/Schwassmann-Wachmann 3
Hrivnak Bruce 20208 GO Evolved Stars/P 1.5 ppn_2130 21 and 30 Micron Emission Features in Post-AGB Circumstellar Envelopes
Blain Andrew 20216 GO ULIRGS/LIRGS/HL 13.3 lockimage05 A bridge between ultraluminous and normal galaxies at high redshifts: Spitzer imaging of a unique spectroscopic radio field
Spencer John 20217 GO Kuiper Belt Obj 19.2 binaries_2 Density and Albedo of the KBO Binary System 1999 SM165
Iwata Ikuru 20218 GO High-z Galaxies 13.0 iwata1 Unveiling the Evolution of Lyman Break Galaxies: IRAC Survey of GOODS-N Flanking Fields
Sarma Anuj 20220 GO Star Formation 7.5 ngc_6334_a High Resolution IRS Mapping of the Star-Forming Region NGC 6334 A
Hoard Donald 20221 GO Compact Objects 12.6 cvcbdisks Probing the Paradigm for Cataclysmic Variable Evolution: Circumbinary Disks in the Mid-Infrared
Maccarone Tom 20224 GO Compact Objects 1.7 tjm Probing accreting neutron star jets with infrared observations of ultracompact binaries
Rines Kenneth 20225 GO Galaxy Clusters 25.3 krines Evolution of Star Formation in the 400 Square Degree Galaxy Cluster Survey
Weinberger Alycia 20227 GO Circumstellar/D 3.6 hip8920 An Amazingly Dusty Sun-like Star: Studying Cosmic Collisions at 1 AU
Malkan Matthew 20229 GO High-z Galaxies 29.4 sdf Cosmic Evolution of Dust and Star Formation: Emission Line Galaxies in the Subaru Deep Field
Siebenmorg Ralf 20231 GO AGN/quasars/rad 3.5 siquasar Exploring the nature of the 9-13 micron silicate emission discovered in quasars
Fuchs Yael 20232 GO Compact Objects 4.1 grs1915-c2 Mid-Infrared and multi-wavelength monitoring of the microquasar GRS 1915+105.
Tadhunter Clive 20233 GO AGN/Quasars/Rad 33.6 2jyphot The dominant heating mechanism for the cool dust in luminous AGN: deep MIPS photometry of a complete sample of 2Jy radio sources
Gruen Eberhard 20235 GO Comets 11.4 eg_cgtrail The Large Particle Emission History of Rosetta Target 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko
Choi Philip 20239 GO ULIRGS/LIRGS/HL 40.4 astrby1 MIPS 70- & 160-micron Imaging of an IRS Sample of Ultra-luminous Infrared Galaxies at z~2
Lutz Dieter 20241 GO AGN/Quasars/Rad 12.0 nls1 Feeding the greedy: Spitzer spectroscopy of Narrow Line Seyfert 1 galaxies
Gould Andrew 20245 GO Galactic Struct 19.8 ulens-spitzer Spitzer Observations of Magellanic Cloud Microlensing Events
Im Myungshi 20253 GO Galaxy Clusters 6.0 im53w002 Dusty Starbursts or Old, Red Galaxies in a Proto-Cluster at z ~ 2.4?
Meikle W. Peter 20256 GO Evolved Stars/P 46.8 sn_misc2 Infrared Study of Supernova Ejecta and Dust
Speck Angela 20258 GO Evolved Stars/P 30.0 miriad MIPS Infrared Imaging of AGB Dustshells (MIRIAD): tracing mass-loss histories in the extremely large shells around evolved stars
Evans Aneurin 20262 GO Evolved Stars/P 4.9 nyesnovae Spitzer observations of old novae
de Jong Roelof 20268 GO Nearby Galaxies 21.3 roelof The Formation of Dust Lanes in Nearby, Edge-on Disk Galaxies
Frank Adam 20269 Theory HII Regions 0.0 frank_outflow Jets, Outflows and Feedback in Young Clusters
Ferland Gary 20275 Theory ISM 0.0 stelmed Unfolding the Information of the Interstellar H$_2$ Spectrum: Its impact on Spitzer IR Observations
Jimenez-Se Izaskun 20276 GO ISM 1.3 jim_timevl Key Atomic Species in the Chemistry of Molecular Outflows
Kochanek Christop 20277 GO Galaxy Clusters 6.8 kochanek1004 The Unique Cluster Lens SDSS1004+4112
Roberge Aki 20280 GO Circumstellar/D 12.6 akir Determining the Disk Fraction Among Shell Stars : A Survey for Circumstellar Disks with Gas and Dust
Joblin Christin 20281 GO HII Regions 8.5 specpdr_mips Very Small Particles in Photodissociation Regions : further insights with MIPS SED
Dave Romeel 20283 Theory High-z Galaxies 0.0 goodssim High-Redshift Galaxies in GOODS: Simulations vs. Observations
Calzetti Daniela 20289 GO Nearby Galaxies 2.6 m83 Dust and Star Formation in Extreme Outer Disks: The Case of M83 (NGC5236)
Dudley C. 20294 GO ISM 5.3 irext Measuring the Veil: The Galactic Extinction From 3 to 30 Microns - The Dense AND Diffuse ISM -
Su Kate 20296 GO Circumstellar/D 13.2 deep24 Deep 24 micron Imaging of Nearby Debris Disks around A Stars
Rood Robert 20298 GO Star Clusters 26.0 rtr-ml Exploring the Unknown Physics of Mass Loss in First Ascent Population II Red Giants
Allen Lori 20300 GO Massive Stars 23.6 w5map Photoevaporation and triggered star formation in the massive star forming region W5
Tomsick John 20301 GO Compact Objects 7.0 compactjets Compact Jets from Galactic Black Holes
Andre Philippe 20302 GO Young Stellar O 26.5 cores_spitzer A Spitzer imaging study of a selected sample of prestellar cores
Le Floc'h Emeric 20303 GO High-z Galaxies 14.0 mic_bootes Exploring with far-infrared observations the most Luminous Mid-Infrared galaxies of the high redshift Universe
Acke Bram 20308 GO Circumstellar/D 13.0 bramacke Probing the disk mineralogy and geometry of Herbig Ae/Be stars
Allamandol Louis 20309 Archive ISM 0.0 louisallamandola PAH Emission Features in the 15 to 20 Micron Region: Emitting to the Beat of a Different Drummer
Bregman Jesse 20311 GO ISM 16.4 jbregman_diffuseism PAHs in the Diffuse ISM
Dotto Elisabet 20312 GO Near-Earth Obje 24.5 neo_dotto Investigation of suitable targets for space missions to Near-Earth Objects
Sugerman Ben 20320 GO Nearby Galaxies 6.4 sugerman Supernovae and the Origin of Dust in Galaxies: Follow-Up Observations of SNe 1999bw, 2002hh, and 2004et.
Zaritsky Dennis 20321 GO Nearby Galaxies 8.5 dzdust1 Exploring the Nature of Dust in the Extreme Outer Disks of Spiral Galaxies
Stauffer John 20339 GO Star Formation 27.9 lamori The Lambda Ori Star-Forming Region as a Laboratory for Constraining Environmental Influences on Circumstellar Disk Lifetimes
Fabian Andrew 20343 GO Galaxy Clusters 9.7 filamentao2 IRS Spectroscopy of Cluster Core Filaments
McNamara? Brian 20345 GO Galaxy Clusters 25.7 supercav Starbursts and Supercavities in Clusters of Galaxies
Burstein David 20356 GO Nearby Galaxies 8.8 cgcg The Nearby and Extremely Metal-Poor Galaxy CGCG 269-049
Zijlstra Albert 20357 GO Extragalactic S 21.9 logal_agb Mass loss from AGB stars in local group galaxies
Stasinska Grazyna 20358 GO Evolved Stars/P 3.4 extraordinary-pn Pinning down the composition of the extraordinary planetary nebula PNG 135.9+55.9
Carr John 20363 GO Circumstellar/D 12.0 gas/dust Grain Settling and Growth in the Planet Formation Region of Disks
Seager Sara 20366 Theory Extrasolar Plan 0.0 hjegp Characterizing Hot Jupiter Transiting Extrasolar Planets with Spitzer Data
Wachter Stefanie 20368 Archive Compact Objects 0.0 wachter_arch Shedding New Light on the Stellar Graveyard: Compact Objects in the Mid-IR
Appleton Philip 20369 GO Interacting/Mer 12.0 appleton Spitzer Imaging and Spectroscopy of Collisional Ring Galaxies
Le Floc'h Emeric 20370 GO GRBs 13.2 mic_grbhost Are the hosts of Gamma-Ray Bursts representative of the high redshift starburst galaxies ?
Fabbiano Giuseppi 20371 GO AGN/Quasars/Rad 4.0 quiescent_ell Where has all the accretion power gone in quiescent elliptical galaxies?
Armus Lee 20375 GO ULIRGS/LIRGS/HL 23.6 larmus2 Of Starbursts and Monsters: An IRS High-resolution Spectroscopic Study of Ultraluminous Infrared Galaxies
Bergin Edwin 20378 GO ISM 97.7 ebergin_h2map Molecular Hydrogen As a Probe of Warm Interstellar Gas on Parsec Scales
Eisenstein Daniel 20379 Archive Nearby Galaxies 0.0 eisen_archival The Evolution of the 24 Micron Luminosity Function from Large Wide-field Spectroscopic Samples of Spitzer Galaxies
Rand Richard 20380 GO Nearby Galaxies 18.1 rand05 The Ionization of the Diffuse Ionized Gas Halo of NGC 891
Krause Oliver 20381 GO Evolved Stars/P 20.3 relativistic_casa Study of relativistic filaments near the supernova remnant Cassiopeia A
Padgett Deborah 20382 GO Circumstellar/D 10.3 l1228prop Spitzer Spectroscopy of Young Stellar Disks in Lynds 1228
Watson Darach 20385 GO GRBs 4.3 darach A detailed look at the host galaxy of GRB 031203
Myers Philip 20386 GO brown Dwarfs/Ve 17.6 cores2deeper Cores2Deeper? - Deep imaging of Very Low Mass Objects discovered by c2d
Desai Vandana 20389 GO High-z Galaxies 7.4 ediscswf The Environmental Dependence of Galaxy Star Formation Rates
Hoopes Charles 20390 GO Starburst Galax 15.8 uvlg Star Formation and Dust in Nearby Lyman Break Galaxy Analogs Discovered by GALEX
Gardner Jonathan 20394 Archive Nearby Galaxies 0.0 gardner Multi-variate Optical to Infrared Luminosity Functions of SWIRE Galaxies with Measured Redshifts
Pipher Judy 20403 GO Star Formation 82.5 pipher A Fresh Look at Distributed vs. Clustered Star Formation: IRAC and MIPS Imaging of the Cep OB3 and Mon R2 Molecular Clouds
Gal Roy 20407 Archive Starburst Galax 0.0 roygal_wr Gas, Dust, and Star Formation in Wolf-Rayet Galaxies
Calvet Nuria 20408 GO Circumstellar/D 2.1 dustevol_oriob1 Dust processing in the protoplanetary disks of the Orion OB1 Association
Cushing Michael 20409 GO brown Dwarfs/Ve 4.2 mcushing Probing the Chromospheres of M dwarfs with the IRS
van Gorkom Jacqueli 20410 GO Starburst Galax 13.7 outliers Outliers of the FIR-Radio Correlation: Beginning and End of a Starburst?
Yusef-Zade Farhad 20414 GO ISM 18.2 zadeh A Large-scale Survey of the Galactic Center at 24 microns
Fox Derek 20419 GO GRBs 38.9 highestzgrb2 Spitzer Observations of the Highest-Redshift Gamma-Ray Bursts
Li Aigen 20420 GO ISM 6.8 aigenligo2 Spitzer Observations of the Molecular Cloud toward HD 62542: A Sightline with Exceedingly Anomalous 2175 Angstrom Extinction Bump
Forman William 20423 Archive Nearby Galaxies 0.0 wformanarchive A Chandra-Spitzer Study of Low Luminosity AGN in a Sample of Nearby Normal Early-type Galaxies
Skillman Evan 20425 GO Local Group Gal 16.4 shindig_mips Dust at Low Metallicity: MIPS Observations of Local Group Dwarfs
Dowell Charles 20427 GO ULIRGS/LIRGS/HL 5.1 dowell_ff Accurate Far-Infrared Spectral Energy Distributions of 60-Micron-Selected Ultraluminous Infrared Galaxies at Redshifts from 0.2 to 1
Matthews Lynn 20432 GO Nearby Galaxies 9.2 ldmatthews2005 The Interstellar Medium of Low Surface Brightness Disk Galaxies
McCandliss? Stephan 20434 GO ISM 3.3 srm405 A Mid and Far-Infrared Study of IC 405: PAH and Dust Emission in a Diverse Enviroment
Jayawardha Ray 20435 GO brown Dwarfs/Ve 14.3 upsco Probing the Evolution of Brown Dwarf Disks
Li Aigen 20436 Theory Nearby Galaxies 0.0 aigenlitr1 Modeling the Dust Infrared Emission from Nearby Galaxies
Bregman Joel 20438 GO Star Clusters 9.7 jnbgc05 Mass Loss From Stars in Globular Clusters
Egami Eiichi 20439 GO Galaxy Clusters 44.5 spitzer_lens Ultra-Deep IRAC Imaging of Massive Lensing Galaxy Clusters: Probing the Reionization Era with Spitzer
Machacek Marie 20440 GO Interacting/Mer 0.3 iracpavo The Relationship of Dust Emission to the Interaction History of NGC 6876 and NGC 6872 in the Pavo Group
Stanghelli Letizia 20443 GO Local Group Gal 14.8 stanghellini Magellanic Cloud Planetary Nebulae: probing the effects of metallicity on dust formation, mass-loss, and evolution.
Henning Thomas 20444 GO Massive Stars 12.4 isoss The nature of extremely young massive protostars found by ISO
Spencer John 20446 GO Satellites 16.3 triton_temp Triton's Temperature Distribution
Mueller Michael 20448 GO Asteroids 0.8 mueller.ph5 Is there regolith on small asteroids?
Kochanek Christop 20451 GO Galaxy Clusters 8.7 kochaneklens A Mid-Infrared Survey of Gravitational Lenses
Smith Nathan 20452 GO Young Stellar O 1.3 hh666 Spitzer Survey of Triggered Star Formation in Carina: HH666 Extension
Jorstad Svetlana 20455 GO Extragalactic J 11.9 krasjet05 Deep Imaging of Quasar Jets with IRAC
Chary Ranga-Ra 20456 GO High-z Galaxies 89.0 rchary Balancing the Cosmic Energy Budget between AGN and Starbursts in the Great Observatories Origins Deep Survey
Wachter Stefanie 20462 GO Compact Objects 0.9 wachter_sco Jets in Neutron Star X-ray Binaries: A First Look at Sco X-1 in the Mid -Infrared
Ciardi David 20463 GO Circumstellar/D 68.0 fgkm_hz_irs A Search for Warm Dust in the Habitable Zones Around Solar-Type Stars
Stockton Alan 20466 GO AGN/Quasars/Rad 15.7 stockton-z3.8 Galaxies with Old Stellar Populations in Radio Source Fields at z ~ 3.8
Olsen Knut 20469 GO Nearby Galaxies 38.1 carinadwarf The Properties of Dust in Population II: Spitzer Survey of the Carina Dwarf
Agol Eric 20475 GO AGN/Quasars/Rad 4.0 q2237cycle2 The Einstein Cross Quasar: The Hottest Dust Around a Quasar in the Universe?
Lim Lucy 20481 GO Asteroids 13.5 masteroids1 IRS Spectroscopy of M-Class Asteroids and 375 Ursula
Agol Eric 20482 GO extrasolar plan 20.8 roasters Measuring thermal emission of extrasolar giant planets with Spitzer
Maiolino Roberto 20493 GO AGN/Quasars/Rad 8.3 maio1 A population of young starbursting QSOs at high redshift?
Marscher Alan 20496 GO ULIRGS/LIRGS/HL 9.7 sval05 Comparison of Time-Variable IR and X-Ray Continuum Spectra in Four Blazars
Majewski Steven 20499 GO Galactic Struct 68.9 argus Galactic Structure Through the Dusty Veil
Orton Glenn 20500 GO Planets 5.0 un2 The Time-Resolved Observations of the Dynamic Atmospheres of Uranus and Neptune
Iping Rosina 20501 GO Extragalactic J 1.9 cenajet Star Formation and Ionized Gas along the Centaurus A Jet
Hester Jeff 20506 GO Star Formation 22.8 hester_sf A Detailed Comparison of the Modes of Star Formation in G305.35+0.7 and NGC 2174/5
Fadda Dario 20512 GO Galaxy Clusters 30.4 fadda2 A Reference Sample of Local Rich Galaxy Clusters: Infrared Emission from Infalling Galaxies and DIffuse Intra-Cluster Dust
Golimowski David 20514 GO brown Dwarfs/Ve 42.3 lt_tran A Spectrophotometric Study of the L-T Dwarf Transition
Peeters Els 20517 GO HII Regions 4.2 epeeters Very Small Grains and the mid-IR continuum emission from (ultra)compact HII regions
Smith JD 20518 GO Nearby Galaxies 47.9 jdsmith_pbm The Physical Context of PAH Emission in Galaxies: Metallicity, Radiation, and Environment
Charbonnea David 20523 GO Extrasolar Plan 19.8 exothermal Direct Study of Exoplanet Thermal Emission
Antonucci Robert 20525 GO AGN/Quasars/Rad 40.1 dwhysong_fri Which FR-I Radio Galaxies Host Broad-Line Radio Galaxies or Quasars?
Martin Crystal 20528 GO Starburst Galax 45.0 meg Exploring the Dust Content of Galactic Winds with MIPS
Richardson L. Jerem 20534 GO Extrasolar Plan 11.9 spec_209458 Measuring the Infrared Spectrum of the Transiting Extrasolar Planet HD 209458b
Tamblyn Peter 20538 GO Asteroids 1.5 koronis-binaries Albedos and Sizes of Two Small Binary Asteroids
Bottke William 20539 GO Zodiacal Dust 100.2 hilat High Latitude Dust Bands in the Main Asteroid Belt: Fingerprints of Recent Breakup Events
Borys Colin 20542 GO Starburst Galax 18.4 borys_sids Selecting dusty starburst galaxies at z=1.5 using a silicate absorption feature
Wilson Gillian 20543 Archive High-z Galaxies 0.0 gill-archival Detecting Clusters of Galaxies at 1 < z < 2 in the SWIRE Legacy Fields.
Burgasser Adam 20544 GO brown Dwarfs/Ve 20.7 aburgasser_cy2_tgrav Metallicity and Gravity Diagnostics in the Coldest Brown Dwarf Spectra
Tytler David 20547 Archive Circumstellar/D 0.0 metadisk Meta Analysis on Debris Disks Surveys
Hines Dean 20548 GO Circumstellar/D 25.0 feps_mips_go2 Followup Observations of Newly Identified Debris Disks Associated with Solar-Mass Stars
Joseph Robert 20549 GO AGN/Quasars/Rad 8.8 joseph_sst05 The Starburst-AGN Connection: A Search for AGNs in IR-Selected Starburst Galaxies
Ghavamian Parviz 20551 GO Compact Objects 12.5 pghavamian The Nature of Ultraluminous X-ray Sources
Zinnecker Hans 20567 GO Compact Objects 3.5 nearbywds Searching for Dying Solar Systems: A Complete Survey of Nearby, Young White Dwarfs
Helfand David 20573 GO AGN/Quasars/Rad 7.3 andreea_petric Signatures of Star Formation in Dusty High-Redshift QSOs
Van Dyk Schuyler 20574 Archive Massive Stars 0.0 wrglimpse A GLIMPSE at Hidden Wolf-Rayet Stars in the Galaxy
Roussel Helene 20577 GO Starburst Galax 20.4 nstb Nascent starbursts: a missing link in galaxy evolution
Ashok Nagarhal 20581 GO Evolved Stars/P 5.6 novalike Infrared studies of V838 Mon and V4332 Sgr - a new class of nova-like variables.
Schinnerer Eva 20587 GO Nearby Galaxies 9.1 eva A Detailed Study of the Spiral Density Wave in M51: Tracing the Temporal Evolution of Star Formation
Leitherer Claus 20589 GO ULIRGS/LIRGS/HL 13.5 souza The Role of Mergers and Interactions in Luminous and Ultra-Luminous Infra-Red Galaxies
Sahai Raghvend 20590 GO Evolved Stars/P 8.0 ppn2 Searching for the Missing Mass in Very Young Preplanetary Nebulae
Stanford Spencer 20593 GO High-z Galaxies 8.7 sst_c2_sas_proto A MIPS Study of Star Formation in a Protocluster at z=2.1
Carey Sean 20597 Legacy Galactic Struct 417.0 mipsgal MIPSGAL : A 24 and 70 Micron Survey of the Inner Galactic Disk with MIPS
Teplitz Harry 20599 GO High-z Galaxies 38.1 goodsn16 16 micron Imaging of GOODS North
Boogert Adwin 20604 GO ISM 29.2 aboogert Molecular Composition and Chemistry of Isolated Dense Cores
Harrington Joseph 20605 GO Extrasolar Plan 44.2 jh-eclipse-phot 16 and 24-Micron Photometry of Transiting Extrasolar Planets
Bressan Alessand 20606 GO Galaxy Clusters 48.9 cluster_agb The evolution of early-type galaxies in nearby clusters: breaking the age-metallicity degeneracy with Spitzer IRS Blue Peak-Up Imaging
Turner Jean 20607 GO Nearby Galaxies 7.6 ic342 Mapping the Aromatic Emissions in the Nearby Spiral Galaxies IC 342 and Maffei 2
Van Dyk Schuyler 20608 GO Local Group Gal 32.0 ngc6822agb The Dust Condensation Sequence at Low Metallicity: AGB Stars in NGC 6822
Cannon John 20610 GO Local Group Gal 6.6 lowzh2 Molecular Gas In The Nearby Extremely Metal-Poor Dwarf Galaxy Leo A
Wright Christop 20611 GO ISM 7.6 dust_cmw The evolution of dust mineralogy in southern star forming clouds
Okada Yoko 20612 GO ISM 23.8 yokada_sife Si and Fe abundance study in star-forming regions
Stanke Thomas 20620 GO ISM 8.9 tstanke H2 shocks in the precessing outflow V380 Ori NE
Comastri Andrea 20623 GO AGN/Quasars/Rad 44.9 cri The bolometric output of luminous obscured AGN
Helou George 20626 GO Galaxy Clusters 24.2 leo-gxh Search for Infrared Emission from the Leo Extragalactic HI Cloud
Yan Lin 20629 GO High-z Galaxies 181.0 lyango2irs Characterize the 24micron Population with Systematic IRS Sepctroscopy
Knudsen Kirsten 20631 GO AGN/Quasars/Rad 4.2 smmj04135 Spitzer Observations of an Intensely Star Forming Quasar Host Galaxy
Klein Randolf 20635 GO Young Stellar O 4.9 rkmm_mips The earliest stages of massive star formation - Pre-Protocluster Cores and Protoclusters
Woodney Laura 20639 GO Comets 17.1 comets5au CO2 Sublimation in Comets Beyond 5 AU
Garnavich Peter 20643 GO High-z Galaxies 83.4 essence Testing the Preposterous Universe with Infrared Supernovae
van Loon Jacco 20648 GO Star Clusters 18.4 omegacen An atlas of omega Centauri at mid-infrared wavelengths
Birkinshaw Mark 20651 GO AGN/Quasars/Rad 1.2 3crr_lowz2 The low-redshift 3CRR sources: missing data
Lamy Philippe 20653 GO Asteroids 4.5 rosetta_asteroids Characterization of Asteroids 2867 Steins and 21 Lutetia, Targets of the Rosetta Mission
Cami Jan 20654 GO Evolved Stars/P 2.1 jcami EP Aqr: the Rosetta rocks of astro-archeology
van der We Paul 20658 GO Nearby Galaxies 11.8 h2-disks-cycle2 Molecular hydrogen in normal spiral galaxies
Audard Marc 20663 Archive Young Stellar O 0.0 ar-tmc A Combined Spitzer IRAC/MIPS/IRS and XMM-Newton Survey of the Taurus Molecular Cloud
Buxton Michelle 20669 GO Compact Objects 0.2 groj1655 Search for Non-Thermal Emission in a Quiescent Black-Hole X-ray Binary
Krmpotic Ernest 20671 GO Interacting/Mer 3.5 ernest Unveiling the hidden star forming regions in interacting galaxies
Croft Steve 20680 Archive AGN/Quasars/Rad 0.0 bootesspix Studying the Populations of Radio Sources in the Bootes Deep Field
Tran Kim-Vy 20683 GO Intermediate-z 12.6 ktran Life Before the Fall: Star Formation of Galaxies in Groups Prior to Cluster Assembly at z~0.37
Bouwman Jeroen 20691 GO Circumstellar/D 20.2 coeval_cluster The evolution of circumstellar disks as traced by coeval stellar clusters: from protoplanetary towards debris disks.
Stanford Spencer 20694 GO Galaxy Clusters 8.2 sst_c2_sas_lynx IRAC and MIPS Mapping of Galaxy Populations in a Supercluster at z=1.27
Putman Mary 20695 GO Nearby Galaxies 7.5 eldots Intergalactic HII Regions: Probing a Non-Standard Mode of Star Formation
Fernandez Yanga 20697 GO Comets 5.3 enckeaph Aphelion Behavior of Comet 2P/Encke
Moon Dae-Sik 20702 GO Compact Objects 2.8 dirtyxrb Investigation of Mid-infrared Dust Emission of Highly Obscured X-ray Binaries
Lacy Mark 20705 GO AGN/Quasars/Rad 15.9 highz_q2_envs The environments of high redshift type-2 quasars
Lehnert Matthew 20706 GO High-z Galaxies 39.5 mlehnertlbgszgt5 Lyman Break Galaxies at z>5: Young Galaxies in a Young Universe?
Abraham Peter 20707 GO Circumstellar/D 35.1 fstars2005 Investigation of the Vega phenomenon among F-type stars of known infrared excess
van Dokkum Pieter 20708 Legacy AGN/Quasars/Rad 122.9 dokkumcdfs A Public Deep IRAC Survey in the Extended CDF-South
Skrutskie Michael 20710 GO Star Clusters 3.4 mfs4n Fundamental Calibrations of Intermediate-Age Solar-Abundance Stars: IRAC Observations of the 2MASS Messier 67 Calibration Tile
Drake Jeremy 20713 GO Evolved Stars/P 7.5 jdrake Probing the Mysterious IR excess in Close Binary Stars
Kim Jinyoung 20714 GO Star Formation 11.8 serena Probing environment and circumstellar disk evolution in triggered star forming regions: IRAC and MIPS imaging of bright-rimmed globules CG4/SA101 and CG30/31
Gizis John 20716 GO brown Dwarfs/Ve 0.9 m1315-26 Spitzer Observations of the Most Active L Dwarf
Baum Stefi 20719 GO AGN/Quasars/Rad 17.0 irs_3c IRS Spectroscopy of 3CR Radio Galaxies
Garnavich Peter 20721 GO GRBs 22.7 grb2 Gamma-Ray Burst Physics in the Spitzer/Swift Era
Hester Jeff 20726 GO Star Formation 27.7 hester_hstfollowup Spitzer Follow-up of HST Observations of Star Formation in H II Regions
van Breuge Wil 20727 GO AGN/Quasars/Rad 22.6 wilvb_iracprop High redshift, low luminosity radio galaxies in the NDWFS Bootes and Spitzer FLS fields
Urry Megan 20733 GO AGN/Quasars/Rad 59.1 goods_agn_jvd IRS Spectroscopy of Intermediate Redshift AGN in the GOODS Field: A study in AGN dust structure and evolution
Stapelfeld Karl 20734 GO Circumstellar/D 4.8 hd48682disk Spitzer Imaging and Spectroscopy of a Newly Resolved Debris Disk
McCabe? Caer-Eve 20739 Archive Circumstellar/D 0.0 caereve Investigating T Tauri Disk Evolution
Holden Bradford 20740 GO Galaxy Clusters 29.3 bph_cls Life on the Edges: Morphological Transformation of Galaxies in Clusters of Galaxies at z=1
Hao Lei 20741 GO AGN/Quasars/Rad 31.7 hao_sdssagn The mid-IR spectroscopy of the SDSS AGN
Clampin Mark 20742 GO Circumstellar/D 12.8 clampin Spitzer imaging and photometry of two 1 Gyr old debris disks within 20 pc of the Sun
Sankrit Ravi 20743 GO Evolved Stars/P 11.3 cygshocks Observations of the Cygnus Loop supernova remnant: dust processing in radiative and non-radiative shocks
Lai Shih-Pin 20745 Archive Star Formation 0.0 lai Digging faint young stellar objects in molecular clouds by comparing the YSO-poor SWIRE data and YSO-rich embedded young clusters
Steffen Aaron 20746 Archive AGN/Quasars/Rad 0.0 steffen_cycle2 Revealing the Unresolved Hard Cosmic X-ray Background Using Spitzer
Wachter Stefanie 20747 GO Compact Objects 17.0 wachter_sgr What makes a Neutron Star a Magnetar?
Zheng Wei 20749 GO AGN/Quasars/Rad 26.2 zhz Formation of Young Galaxies in the Vicinities of the Most Distant Radio Galaxy and Radio-Loud Quasar
Lada Charles 20750 GO brown Dwarfs/Ve 8.4 n2547_m4.5 IRS Characterization of a Debris Disk around a 25 Myr M-type Star
Reynolds Stephen 20752 GO Evolved Stars/P 4.1 b0540 Thermal and Nonthermal Emission from the Crab's Twin SNR B0540-693
Bunker Andrew 20753 GO AGN/Quasars/Rad 6.2 pc0953 The origin of extended Lyman-alpha around a z=4.5 QSO
Ellingson Erica 20754 GO Galaxy Clusters 15.3 rcs_irac The Stellar Mass of High Redshift RCS Galaxy Clusters
Bary Jeffrey 20755 GO Young Stellar O 8.4 jsb3r A Multi-epoch IRS Accretion Variability Study of Actively Accreting T Tauri Stars
Kulkarni Varsha 20757 GO AGN/Quasars/Rad 1.4 dustydla Spectroscopy of Dusty Quasar Absorption Line Systems
Stassun Keivan 20759 Archive Circumstellar/D 0.0 stassun_sed The Angular Momentum Evolution of Young, Low-Mass Stars: Probing Magnetic Star-Disk Coupling Through Modeling and Analysis of Circumstellar Disk Structure
Mullis Christop 20760 GO Galaxy Clusters 4.0 cmullis IRAC Imaging of the Most Distant X-ray Massive Galaxy Cluster at z=1.4
Swift Jonathan 20762 GO Star Formation 0.3 starless? Using Spitzer IRAC Imaging As A Solid Foundation For A Comprehensive Study Of The Molecular Core L1551-MC.
Chapman Scott 20767 GO Starburst Galax 23.7 schapman33 Mid-IR spectroscopy of suspected very hot dusty, high-z galaxies
Emery Joshua 20769 GO Kuiper Belt Obj 34.6 jpe-cen-kbo-troj Surface compositions of KBOs, Centaurs, and low albedo asteroids: Constraints from IRAC reflectance measurements
Buzasi Derek 20772 GO Star Clusters 16.0 buzasi Measuring Stellar Oscillations Using Spitzer: P-Modes in the Hyades
Carey Sean 20778 GO massive stars 13.0 uchiirho A Young Stellar and Protostellar Census of Galactic Ultracompact HII Regions -- Exploring Massive Star Formation with MIPS and IRAC
Young Lisa 20780 GO Nearby Galaxies 21.3 co-rich-es Molecular Gas and Star Formation in Early-Type Galaxies
Tamblyn Peter 20788 GO Asteroids 1.6 veritas Sizes and Albedos of Young C-type Asteroids
Sawicki Marcin 20792 Archive High-z Galaxies 0.0 sawicki What Drives the Differential Evolution of Lyman Break Galaxies?
Lowrance Patrick 20795 GO brown Dwarfs/Ve 7.6 lowrance Spitzer Observations of Substellar Companions
Jewitt David 20796 GO Asteroids 15.3 jewittcloids Thermal Properties of Damocloids
Megeath Tom 20797 GO ISM 11.8 megeath_orion Mapping the Structure of Dark Filaments in OMC 3 with the IRS
Laine Seppo 20801 GO Nearby Galaxies 0.9 n4258proj Resolving the Controversy about the Anomalous Arms in NGC 4258
Mohanty Subhanjo 20803 GO brown Dwarfs/Ve 8.8 buburam Watching the Dust Settle: Disk Evolution in Young Brown Dwarfs
Bruhweiler Frederic 20807 GO Stellar Populat 22.4 bruhweiler Spitzer Imagery & Spectroscopy of Symbiotics with Extended Nebulosity.
Stern Daniel 20808 GO AGN/Quasars/Rad 15.0 eckart Spitzer Imaging of Spectroscopically-Confirmed, X-ray-Luminous, Obscured AGN
Micela Giuseppi 20818 GO Stellar Populat 2.0 micela1893 The Initial Mass Function in the Outer Galaxy: The star forming region NGC 1893
Tsujimoto Masahiro 20819 GO Massive Stars 0.2 lasilla Two Great Observatories Reveal the Dynamical Mass Segregation in a Massive Star-Forming Cluster
Berger Edo 30000 GO High-z Galaxies 20.4 cc-grb-highz-2 Gotcha! Using Swift GRBs to Pinpoint the Highest Redshift Galaxies
Brown Michael 30001 GO Kuiper Belt Obj 3.6 kbosat The largest Kuiper belt objects
Woodward Charles 30007 GO evolved stars/p 25.8 cew-cy3-nvtoo ToO? IRS Observations of Novae
Malkan Matthew 30008 GO High-z Galaxies 7.0 z10nicpar Identifying z>7 galaxies from J-dropouts
Fazio Giovanni 30010 GTO comets 12.0 comdustgo3 Debris from Disintegrating Comets
Stansberry John 30014 GO Kuiper belt obj 9.0 pluto_go3 Measuring Pluto's Thermal Lightcurve and Thermal Inertia
Stauffer John 30022 GO Circumstellar/D 13.5 blanco2006 MIPS Observations of the 100 Myr old Blanco 1 Cluster: An Attempt to Determine the Frequency of Vega-Type Disks for a Coeval Population of Stars of Vega's Age
Clayton Geoffrey 30029 GO Evolved Stars/P 7.2 uwcen1 The Shells of R Coronae Borealis Stars: Fossil Planetary Nebulae?
Lanz Thierry 30030 GO Massive Stars 19.4 ostar03 The Density Structure of O Star Winds
Fazio Giovanni 30031 GTO star clusters 6.2 globdust Cold Dust in Globular Clusters
Lada Charles 30033 GO young stellar o 43.0 ysos_ic348_n2264 The nature and evolutionary status of protostars in clustered environments
Fazio Giovanni 30036 GTO evolved stars/p 9.8 cerrigo Inspecting infrared properties of proto- and young planetary nebulae
Weidenschi Stuart 30040 Theory circumstellar/d 0.0 debris Collisional Evolution of Circumstellar Debris Disks
Fazio Giovanni 30050 GTO star formation 3.8 lallen_brc Star Formation in Bright Rimmed Clouds
Whittet Douglas 30054 Archive ISM 0.0 whittet The thermal evolution of ices in the environments of newly formed stars: Archival studies of the CO2 bending mode observed with the Spitzer IRS
Forrey Robert 30063 Theory ISM 0.0 h2diss Towards Complete Microphysical Modeling of Warm Interstellar Molecules: H2 Collisional Dissociation for Spitzer IR Observations
Dave Romeel 30065 Theory high-z galaxies 0.0 reionizers Comparing Simulations and Observations of Reionization-Epoch Galaxies
Sitko Michael 30066 GO comets 20.8 sitkosw3 IR Spectroscopy of Comet 73P/Schwassmann-Wachmann 3 Post-Perihelion
Dwek Eli 30067 GO local group gal 19.5 edwek THE INFRARED EVOLUTION OF SN1987A?
Wooden Diane 30069 GO comets 10.3 2comets_3 Spitzer CY3 ToO? Comet Initiative
Brinkworth Carolyn 30070 GO Circumstellar/D 1.6 brinkworth_nnser Testing the first direct measurement of cataclysmic variable evolution: the search for a circumbinary disk or a low-mass companion around NN Serpentis
Houck James R. 30073 GTO ULIRGS/LIRGS/HL 12.7 ulirgs_gto2 IRS GTO ULIRG program: filling in the gaps
Shang Zhaohui 30075 GO AGN/quasars/rad 16.1 shangpsq Unveil the Nature of Post-Starburst Quasars
Evans Aneurin 30076 GO evolved stars/p 14.3 nyesnovae3 Spitzer observations of adolescent novae
Evans Aneurin 30077 GO evolved stars/p 5.1 nyesbags3 Spitzer observations of the born-again phenomenon
Soifer Tom 30078 GO Local Group Gal 1.0 go3_30078 A Template Program
Van Cleve Jeffrey 30080 GO asteroids 10.7 collision Worlds in Collision: Spitzer observations to improve our understanding of the collisional history and future of asteroids.
Stansberry John 30081 GO Kuiper belt obj 37.6 kboredux Spitzer Thermal Radiometry of Kuiper Belt Objects and Centaurs
Gallagher Sarah 30086 Theory AGN/quasars/rad 0.0 model_winds Illuminating the Dusty Wind: 3D Modeling of Quasar Silicate Emission
Noriega-Cr Alberto 30088 GO ISM 19.1 albertonc The physics of Runaway OB Star Bowshocks with Spitzer
Carpenter John 30091 GO circumstellar/d 42.1 jmcarp Circumstellar Disks in the Upper Scorpius OB Association
Houck James R. 30092 GTO brown dwarfs/ve 48.0 irs_bd_var Temporal Spectral Variations in Brown Dwarf Atmospheric Fluxes
Finn Rose 30102 GO galaxy clusters 20.6 edisfr Star-Formation Rates of 9 Intermediate-Redshift Galaxy Clusters
Jaffe Walter 30117 GO galaxy clusters 13.3 wjaffe The missing energy in cooling flow clusters: dust and EUV radiation
Barth Aaron 30119 GO AGN/quasars/rad 26.1 smallestseyferts Infrared Emission from the Smallest Active Galaxies
Jackson James 30120 Archive star formation 0.0 protostars-irdcs Protostars in Infrared Dark Clouds
Houck James R. 30121 GTO intermediate-z 13.6 dwwiras2 IRS Spectra of Extreme IRAS Sources
Jackson James 30123 GO star formation 38.2 gf-irdcs Active star formation in Infrared Dark Clouds
Harrington Joseph 30129 GO Extrasolar Plan 42.0 jh-esp-too Target of Opportunity: New Observable Transiting Extrasolar Planets
Fazio Giovanni 30134 GTO nearby galaxies 10.0 jlr_irac IRAC Observations of a Statistically Complete Sample of Star-Forming Dwarf Galaxies
Fazio Giovanni 30136 GTO extrasolar plan 9.4 schuster A Search for Widely-Separated Low-Mass Companions Around Extra-Solar Planetary Systems
Fazio Giovanni 30139 GTO ULIRGS/LIRGS/HL 3.1 gto3_ssg1 Redshift of 350-micron Selected Galaxy
Marley Mark 30140 Theory brown dwarfs/ve 0.0 msmarley The Role of Dust and Non-Equilibrium Chemistry in the Atmospheres of L and T Dwarfs as Constrained by Spitzer IRS and IRAC Observations
Sanders David 30143 Legacy High-z Galaxies 396.2 scosmos-deepmips S-COSMOS: The MIPS Deep Survey of the COSMOS 2-sqdeg Field
Allamandol Louis 30144 Archive ISM 0.0 diamondsandpahs Diamonds are a PAHs Best Friend
Houck James R. 30145 GTO local group gal 8.2 rdg1 IRS Follow-up of Sources in M33
Wittman David 30150 GO Intermediate-z 16.0 dls Shear-Selected Galaxy Clusters: Stellar Mass Content and Star Formation History
Rudnick Lawrence 30153 GO evolved stars/p 14.0 casgo3 Cas A: before and after the shocks
Fazio Giovanni 30154 GTO Star Formation 12.0 lallen_exotran Deeply embedded star formation in NGC 6334
Rieke George 30156 GTO circumstellar/d 18.1 debris_sed Dust Properties in Bright, Nearby Debris Disks
Bryden Geoffrey 30157 GO circumstellar/d 17.2 resolveddisks Fine-Scale Imaging of Newly Resolved Debris Disks around Solar-Type Stars
Neufeld David 30167 GO ISM 44.9 hd_cycle3 Spitzer observations of hydrogen deuteride (HD)
Houck James R. 30172 GTO nearby galaxies 12.7 bcd_sed_gto Spectral Engery Distribution of low metallicity Blue Compact Dwarf Galaxies
Iping Rosina 30174 GO ISM 4.2 velacam The Vela X-1 and alpha Cam Bow Shocks as Probes of the Interstellar Medium
Barman Travis 30175 Theory extrasolar plan 0.0 tbarman Planetary Atmosphere Models for Spitzer Targets
Fazio Giovanni 30179 GTO brown dwarfs/ve 7.0 tvar T Dwarf Variability
Fazio Giovanni 30180 GTO extragalactic s 1.0 enigma An Enigmatic Source Towards The LMC
Jonsson Patrik 30183 Theory interacting/mer 0.0 mcrx3 Infrared Predictions from Simulations of Merging Galaxies
Houck James R. 30184 GTO high-z galaxies 3.0 j1416_cluster Spitzer Observations Of A Z=2.3 Galaxy Cluster
Fazio Giovanni 30188 GTO evolved stars/p 3.7 lbvs Spitzer Observations of Luminous Blue Variables
Shafter Allen 30192 GO extragalactic s 15.3 m31novaego3 A Spitzer Survey of Selected Novae in M31
Li Aigen 30197 Theory circumstellar/d 0.0 aigenli03 Modeling the PAH Emission Spectra of Protoplanetary and Debris Disks
Li Aigen 30199 Theory ISM 0.0 aigenli04 Modeling the Destruction and Survival of PAHs in Astrophysical Regions: from Low-metallicity Galaxies to Elliptical Galaxies and Galactic Halos
Dannerbaue Helmut 30202 GO intermediate-z 1.3 hd-23578 Revealing the Nature of one of the most H2-bright ULIRGs
Rieke George 30203 GTO local group gal 14.3 m31_gto2 Extended Dust in M31: MIPS Imaging to the HI Edge
Kilic Mukremin 30208 GO compact objects 19.3 mukremin Resolving Mysteries: Ultra-Cool White Dwarfs and the Age of the Galaxy
Rieke George 30211 GTO circumstellar/d 20.2 earlyfdebris Probing planetary system formation with Spitzer: Debris disks around early F stars
Trilling David 30213 Archive asteroids 0.0 spastercat The Spitzer Asteroid Catalog
Surace Jason 30222 GO AGN/Quasars/Rad 25.5 surace_mips70 70 Micron MIPS and Chandra ACIS-I Imaging of the IRAC Dark Field: Infrared AGN
Pontoppida Klaus 30223 GO circumstellar/d 71.9 diss A complete IRS survey of the evolution of circumstellar disks within 3 Myr: New clusters of sequential star formation in Serpens
Houck James R. 30226 GTO high-z galaxies 9.0 bts2 IRS Spectroscopy of Silicate Dropouts at z~1.5
Werner Michael 30227 GO Circumstellar/D 27.4 mwerner SWIRE Stars
Houck James R. 30228 GTO asteroids 13.3 gto2_dpc Surface mineralogy of Trojan asteroids and extinct comets as a proxy for the outer Solar System
Grossan Bruce 30231 GO cosmic infrared 12.0 bruce_cfib Realizing Spitzer's Far-IR Background Science Potential
Marchis Franck 30235 GO asteroids 3.0 totaleclipse Eclipses and occultations on binary Trojan asteroid (617) Patroclus
Hines Dean 30237 GO brown dwarfs/ve 11.3 scorch The Scorched Atmosphere of a Low Mass Star
Pascucci Ilaria 30239 Archive circumstellar/d 0.0 bin_disks Stellar Companions as a Trigger for Rapid Dust Evolution
Stockton Alan 30240 GO high-z galaxies 23.2 z2.5-stockton Spectral-Energy Distributions of Galaxies with Old Stellar Populations in Radio-Source Fields at z ~ 2.5
Campins Humberto 30241 GO asteroids 3.0 hidalgor Rotationally-Resolved Surface Mineralogy of an Extinct Comet
Rieke George 30244 GTO nearby galaxies 8.0 m101_gto2 IRS Spectra of M101 HII Regions in the Aromatic Feature Transition Region
Hoard Donald 30249 GO compact objects 7.8 polars Circumbinary Dust in Magnetic Cataclysmic Variables - Exploring Polars in the Mid-Infrared
Le Floc'h Emeric 30251 GO GRBs 1.0 mic_grb980425 Far-infrared dissection of the GRB980425/SN1998bw host galaxy : toward an understanding of the origin of Gamma-Ray Bursts
Fazio Giovanni 30252 GTO asteroids 19.0 gtoasts Precision Thermal Observations of Rotational Variability in Main Belt Asteroids
Peeters Els 30254 GO nearby galaxies 24.4 peeters_hii A panchromatic study of extragalactic HII regions
Rampazzo Roberto 30256 GO nearby galaxies 48.4 etg_rampazzo Tracing the eventful life of field early-type galaxies with the silicate emission feature of evolved stars
Garcia-Lar Pedro 30258 GO evolved stars/p 13.1 redpagb The hidden evolution of galactic post-AGB stars
Smail Ian 30263 GO galaxy clusters 15.6 ian.smail Obscured activity and environment: a 24um survey of two well-studied clusters at z~0.5
Houck James R. 30272 GTO AGN/quasars/rad 7.1 shellgto IRS mapping of the 500 pc nuclear dust shell in Centaurus A
Fazio Giovanni 30285 GTO evolved stars/p 10.6 pne-2 Spitzer Observations of Planetary Nebulae - 2
Fazio Giovanni 30291 GTO AGN/quasars/rad 23.3 12ms IRS spectroscopy of a complete sample of Seyfert galaxies in the local universe
Meikle W. Peter 30292 GO evolved stars/p 47.5 sn_misc3 Infrared Study of Supernova Dust and Ejecta
Quillen Alice 30294 GO AGN/quasars/rad 15.8 shellgo IRS mapping of the 500 pc nuclear dust shell in Centaurus A
Wolfire Mark 30295 GO ISM 23.0 pdrh2go3 Tracking Warm H_2 in Photodissociation Regions
Luhman Kevin 30298 GO brown dwarfs/ve 16.6 kluhman3 A Search for Y Dwarf Companions to Nearby Stars and Brown Dwarfs
Farrah Duncan 30299 GO AGN/quasars/rad 9.9 dgffelobal An intensive Spitzer survey of FeLoBAL? QSOs
Najita Joan 30300 GO Circumstellar/D 39.0 jnajita Warm Gas in Transitional Disks
Rieke George 30306 GTO AGN/quasars/rad 0.1 pg1307 MIPS Imaging of the Unusually Hot Type 1 QSO PG1307+085
Rieke George 30310 GTO nearby galaxies 36.9 hinzcoldhalos Cold Dust Halos in Nearby Galaxies
Lutz Dieter 30314 GO AGN/quasars/rad 46.5 qsopah Star formation in QSOs at the peak of cosmic quasar activity
Adams Fred 30316 Theory star formation 0.0 adams_clusters Theoretical Studies to Support Spitzer Cluster Surveys
Fazio Giovanni 30318 GTO nearby galaxies 33.0 ellipticals3 Life Cycle of Dust in Elliptical Galaxies
Fazio Giovanni 30319 GTO young stellar o 15.4 serpenstime Exploring the Time Domain: IRAC Photometric Monitoring of the Serpens Cloud Core
Armus Lee 30323 Legacy ULIRGS/LIRGS/HL 160.0 larmus5 A Spitzer Spectroscopic Survey of a Complete Sample of Luminous Infrared Galaxies in the Local Universe
Goldsmith Paul 30326 GO ISM 25.1 paul H2 Rotational Transition Emission From Molecular Cloud Edges: Tracing the Energy Input Affecting Cloud Structure and Evolution
Fazio Giovanni 30327 GTO high-z galaxies 22.1 zeq2 IR Spectroscopy of Massive Galaxies at z>2
Fazio Giovanni 30328 GTO cosmology 32.0 ssa22 DEEP IRAC and MIPS Imaging of an Overdensity Filament at z=3.09
Lee Jeong-Eu 30330 GO star formation 9.0 jelee Chemical and Dynamical Evolution in L1251B?
Bergin Edwin 30331 Theory ISM 0.0 ebergin_ice Theoretical Studies of Ice Formation in the Dynamic Interstellar Medium
Houck James R. 30332 GTO evolved stars/p 6.4 mc_lo Spectroscopy of Thin Dust Shells in the Magellanic Clouds
Zijlstra Albert 30333 GO local group gal 33.2 local_zijlstra Dust Production in Local Group Dwarf Galaxies
Houck James R. 30334 GTO high-z galaxies 34.0 bts1 IRS Spectroscopy of Starburst-Dominated ULIRGs at 2 < z < 3
Fazio Giovanni 30335 GTO star formation 11.3 vmrd Census of the Embedded Population of the Vela Molecular Remnant Cloud-D
Rieke George 30337 GTO AGN/quasars/rad 0.3 pica MIPS Imaging of the Hot Spots in Pictor A
Greaves Jane 30339 GO circumstellar/d 6.5 thickdiskdebris Forming the first planetary systems
Jarvis Matt 30344 GO AGN/quasars/rad 42.7 mjarvis Decoupling luminosity, evolution and orientation effects in AGN
Houck James R. 30345 GTO evolved stars/p 0.8 mc_sh14 High-resolution Spectroscopy of Apparent 14 Micron Features
Richards Gordon 30347 Archive AGN/quasars/rad 0.0 nbcqsosir 9-D Bayesian Quasar Classification in the Mid-IR/Optical
Rieke George 30348 GTO nearby galaxies 14.2 slugs Dust Properties in Nearby Sub-mm Galaxies
Houck James R. 30355 GTO evolved stars/p 1.3 smc_bright Spectroscopy of Crystalline Silicates in the SMC
Wang Junfeng 30361 GO circumstellar/d 5.0 aciscep Protoplanetary Disks among X-ray Selected Young Stars in Cepheus B
Houck James R. 30364 GTO high-z galaxies 59.8 dgfswiregto A systematic Spitzer-IRS survey of obscured starburst galaxies at 1.0<z<1.9
Tappe Achim 30372 GO ISM 11.0 n132dpah Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbon Emission in the Supernova Remnant N132D?
Clayton Geoffrey 30380 GO Evolved Stars/P 1.0 hotrcb1 Looking for Dual Dust Chemistry in the Shells of Hot R Coronae Borealis Stars
Oliveira Joana 30381 GO circumstellar/d 14.3 spec_sigori Mid-IR spectroscopy of pre-main-sequence stars in the sigma Orionis cluster
Magnani Loris 30382 GO ISM 20.4 mbm12proto Star Formation and Structure in two High-Latitude Molecular Clouds
Williams Rosa 30383 GO local group gal 32.2 irs_snr IRS Mapping of Three LMC Supernova Remnants and Their Surroundings
Bourke Tyler 30384 GO star formation 47.3 tlb160um Going Long: Studying the Initial Conditions for Brown Dwarfs and Low-Mass Stars with Spitzer at 160 microns
Surace Jason 30390 Archive AGN/quasars/rad 0.0 surace_ar3 Mid-Infrared Variability from AGN in the IRAC Dark Field: Photometric Refinement, Discovery, and Characterization
Owen Frazer 30391 GO high-z galaxies 60.6 swirefir The Impact of AGN on Galaxy Evolution
Scholz Alexande 30395 GO circumstellar/d 12.0 aleks A disk survey at the bottom of the IMF
Weinberger Alycia 30396 GO circumstellar/d 4.0 assocweinberger Examining Disk Dissipation in the Coeval HD 141569 Association Stars
Fan Xiaohui 30402 GO AGN/quasars/rad 21.1 hz_dust Two Extreme IR-weak Quasars at z~6: Probing Dust Evolution
Jiang Biwei 30403 GO evolved stars/p 2.3 wjiang Spitzer Search for the 21 Micron Sources from the MSX PSC Catalog
Kannappan Sheila 30406 GO nearby galaxies 18.8 jesse Understanding the Blue-Sequence E/S0 Population: Fading Remnants and Future Spirals
Darling Jeremy 30407 GO ULIRGS/LIRGS/HL 25.5 darling_irs The Astrophysics of OH Megamasers in Merging Galaxies: the Role of Star Formation, Dust, Molecules, and AGN
Jaffe Daniel 30409 GO circumstellar/d 22.0 ysobddisks Evolution and Structure of Very Low Mass Disks Around YSOs
Fazio Giovanni 30411 GTO evolved stars/p 10.8 agb_gto IRAC Characterization of Galactic AGB Stars
Steidel Charles 30416 GO high-z galaxies 33.8 steidelgo3 Galaxies, AGN, and Environment: A High Dynamic Range Study at z=1.5-3
Rieke George 30419 GTO AGN/quasars/rad 26.2 irobscuredqso IRS Observations of IR-Selected Obscured QSOs in Deep X-ray Fields
Hurley Kevin 30421 GO GRBs 33.3 spitzerchandra Spitzer-Chandra ToO? Observations of a Short/Hard GRB
Leighly Karen 30426 GO AGN/quasars/rad 0.9 leighly_phl1811 Spiter Observations of the Second Brightest Quasar, PHL 1811
Rieke George 30429 GTO circumstellar/d 18.3 midageclusters MIPS 24 micron Study of Debris Disks in Praesepe and Coma Berenices
Dinerstein Harriet 30430 GO evolved stars/p 7.5 sprocess_pn Do s-Process Enhanced Planetary Nebulae Have Unusual Dust Emission Spectra?
Yan Lin 30431 GO high-z galaxies 307.0 lyan Mid-IR Ultra-Deep Spectroscopy of the Cosmic Infrared Background
Burleigh Matt 30432 GO evolved stars/p 13.9 burleigh_hotwds Are metal-rich hot white dwarfs accreting from dust disks or substellar companions?
Burleigh Matt 30434 GO circumstellar/d 0.7 burleigh_wd0137 The brown dwarf that was swallowed by a red giant and survived
Rieke George 30443 GTO AGN/quasars/rad 7.9 ctagn How do Buried "Compton-thick" AGN Reprocess Their Energy?
Davidson Jacqueli 30444 GO Nearby Galaxies 11.7 leeuw_davidson_c3 IRS Assessment of Star Formation and Galactic Evolution in Ellipticals with resolved Cold ISM
Fazio Giovanni 30447 GTO AGN/quasars/rad 4.5 t75s-qso3s IRS spectroscopy of "type-3" quasars
Lubin Lori 30455 GO Galaxy Clusters 29.6 lubinsc3 Mixing It Up : Gas, Stars, Starbirth, and AGN in a Supercluster at z = 0.9
Massa Derck 30459 GO ISM 6.1 extinctionemission Extinction and Emission by Grains in the Diffuse ISM
Whitney Barbara 30467 Theory young stellar o 0.0 bwhitney A Tool to Analyze Spitzer Data on Stellar and Young Stellar Objects
Rieke George 30470 GTO circumstellar/d 17.8 70disks A 70 Micron Study of the Effects of Environment on Protoplanetary Disk Evolution
Smith JD 30471 GO nearby galaxies 39.0 jdsmith_pahllagn PAH Emission in Low-Luminosity AGN: Ghosts in the Machine
Su Kate 30472 GO massive stars 9.5 v838mongo3 The Infrared Light Echo of V838 Monoceritis
Grillmair Carl 30473 GO extrasolar plan 12.0 grillmair A Spitzer Spectrum of the Transiting Exoplanet HD 189733b
Rines Kenneth 30475 GO High-z Galaxies 2.1 krines1 Evolution of Star Formation in Galaxy Clusters at z=0.8
Shemmer Ohad 30476 GO AGN/quasars/rad 15.9 hizwlq Lineless Quasars at High-Redshift: BL Lacs or A New Class of Unbeamed Quasars?
Fazio Giovanni 30478 GTO cosmology 34.5 gto The Evolution of Galaxy Dark Matter and Stellar Mass to z = 1.2 : IRAC Imaging of the Deep Lens Survey Field F2
Houck James R. 30482 GTO evolved stars/p 7.1 Infrared-Mapping of the extended planetary nebulae NGC2392 and NGC2346
Kaneda Hidehiro 30483 GO nearby galaxies 12.5 x-ray-ellipticals2 Environmental Effects on PAHs and VSGs in X-ray-bright Dusty Elliptical Galaxies
Koerner David 30490 GO circumstellar/d 105.0 nstars_3 Completing the Census of Debris Disks around Nearby Stars
Bolatto Alberto 30491 GO local group gal 105.6 smcspecmap A Complete Picture of the Dust in the Small Magellanic Cloud: Following up Spitzer Imaging with Spectroscopic Observations
Sugerman Ben 30494 GO Nearby Galaxies 11.7 beks_seeds Supernovae and the Origin of Dust in Galaxies: Follow-Up Observations of Six SNe
Fisher David 30496 GO nearby galaxies 15.3 dbfisher Star Formation In The Centers Of Galaxies Due To Secular Evolution
Deming Drake 30498 GO extrasolar plan 12.0 superearths Spitzer Characterization of Super Earths
Hines Dean 30500 GO circumstellar/d 13.7 fepsfii FEPS Follow-Up. II: MIPS Photometry
Rieke George 30503 GTO circumstellar/d 23.1 pleiadesgto Characterizing Debris Disks Around Young Suns
Kitayama Tetsu 30507 GO galaxy clusters 11.4 kitayama Far-infrared Emission from the Coma Cluster of Galaxies
Devost Daniel 30510 GO starburst galax 39.3 ddevost NeV? and OIV in Wolf-Rayet Galaxies
Stocke John 30515 GO AGN/quasars/rad 7.8 stocke_irs Compact Symmetric Objects: A New Class of "Buried" AGN?
Looney Leslie 30516 GO young stellar o 8.9 cavity Outflows, Cavities, and Evolution
Le Floc'h Emeric 30519 GO high-z galaxies 25.4 mic_gootes_go3 A far-IR exploration of the diversity of Ultra-Luminous Infrared Galaxies at 2<z<3
Sicilia-Ag Aurora 30523 GO circumstellar/d 37.9 sicilia Dust and Gas in Planet-Forming Disks: Tracing the Grains in Transitional and Evolved Systems
Hu Esther 30526 GO High-z Galaxies 13.6 smitty Star formation rates in a sample of redshift 6.6 galaxies
Sandell Goran 30534 GO star formation 3.4 gsandell IRS observations of extremely young (high mass) stars in the NGC7538 S cloud core
Henning Thomas 30536 GO brown dwarfs/ve 22.6 asicilia Protoplanetary Disks Around Very Low-Mass Stars in the Coronet Cluster
Houck James R. 30540 GTO young stellar o 50.1 dmw12 Disk structure and planet formation around young low-mass stars and brown dwarfs
Armus Lee 30542 GO starburst galax 36.2 larmus6 Dust in the Wind: Mapping Galactic Superwinds with Spitzer
Morris Pat 30544 GO massive stars 30.1 wrrings The Mass Loss Histories of Hot, Massive Stars Revealed by their Circumstellar Nebulae and Interactions With the ISM
Nesvorny David 30545 GO zodiacal dust 75.0 t2t A New Source of Interplanetary Dust: Type II Dust Trails
Houck James R. 30550 GTO evolved stars/p 5.0 jbs2.bulge Revealing the nature of Bulge Planetary Nebulae
Apai Daniel 30551 GO circumstellar/d 25.2 miner Quantitative Mineralogy of Brown Dwarf Disks: Measuring the Effect of Luminosity on Dust Evolution
Howk J. Chris 30562 GO Nearby Galaxies 33.3 howkcycle3 A Spitzer-MIPS Study of Extraplanar Dust in Spiral Galaxies
Dunham Michael 30563 GO star formation 15.2 Very Low Luminosity Objects: Investigating the Lowest Luminosity, Embedded Protostars with Spectra from 5-100 microns
Rieke George 30566 GTO circumstellar/d 5.3 cleanup Completing the MIPS GTO Debris Disk Sample
Benjamin Robert 30570 Legacy star formation 254.5 benjamin GLIMPSE 3D: The Vertical Stellar and Interstellar Structure of the Inner Galaxy
Rieke George 30571 GTO ISM 11.0 casa_ir_echoes Tomographic imaging of IR echoes around Cas A - Spitzer's unique view on the 3-D structure of the ISM
Gorjian Varoujan 30572 GO AGN/quasars/rad 19.9 gorjian_sy_variability Probing Parsec Scale Structure of Nearby Seyferts Using Variability
Allen Lori 30574 Legacy star formation 285.0 lallen_c2d2 Gould's Belt: Star Formation in the Solar Neighborhood
Rieke George 30577 GTO nearby galaxies 35.9 aalonso IRS Spectral Mapping of a Representative Sample of Local Luminous Infrared Galaxies
Rho Jeonghee 30585 GO ISM 18.7 snrirssurvey Spectroscopy Survey of Supernova Remnants in the Inner Galaxy
Wooden Diane 30589 GO comets 13.8 67pactivity The Heliocentric-Dependence of Activity of Comet 67P: Spitzer and Rosetta
Vidal-Madj Alfred 30590 GO extrasolar plan 4.5 alfred CO and H2O? absorptions in the atmosphere of the transiting planet HD189733b
Carey Sean 30594 Legacy ISM 158.0 mipsgalii MIPSGAL II: Surveying the innermost part of the Galactic plane at 24 and 70 microns with MIPS
Morris Mark 30598 GO evolved stars/p 0.8 uequteam Spectroscopy of the Unique Circumstellar Environment of U Equulei
Colbert James 30600 GO high-z galaxies 30.4 blob06 Solving the Mystery of the Lyman Alpha Blobs
Thi Wing-Fai 30601 GO young stellar o 2.0 ices_vela_thi Ices in envelopes around intermediate-mass young stellar objects
Tripp Todd 30603 GO interacting/mer 2.7 tripp4319 Probing the Distribution of Star Formation and Dust in a Unique, Transforming Spiral Galaxy
Georgakaki Antonis 30605 GO intermediate-z 6.9 xnormal1 X-ray selected star-forming galaxies: the mid-IR view
Severgnini Paola 30606 GO AGN/quasars/rad 22.6 hbs_final The Spitzer view of the X-ray obscured Universe: the XMM-HBS sample
Georgakaki Antonis 30607 GO high-z galaxies 3.8 2masseros1 The brightest Extremely Red Objects in the Sky from 2MASS/SDSS fields
McClintock? Jeffrey 30616 GO evolved stars/p 15.8 jeffmc Measuring the Mass and Spin of a Stellar Black Hole
Wright Christop 30619 GO ISM 0.4 gl961h2o The water ice librational band in AFGL 961
Geach James 30621 GO ULIRGS/LIRGS/HL 26.0 geachirs IRS spectroscopy of LIRGs in the cluster Cl0024+16 at z=0.4
Martinez-S Alejo 30634 GO AGN/quasars/rad 22.8 2type2_06 Two Types of Type-2?
Fazio Giovanni 30641 GTO star formation 21.0 oriona Extending the Spitzer Orion Molecular Cloud Survey
Tran Kim-Vy 30642 GO galaxy clusters 8.0 ktran-ms2053 Star-Forming Galaxies in MS 2053-04, An Unusually Active Cluster at z=0.6
Li Di 30645 GO star formation 3.4 di-orion MIPS SED Observations of Massive Quiescent Cores in Orion
Bernard-Sa Jeronimo 30652 GO evolved stars/p 5.3 jbs3.halopne Spitzer-IRS's view of Halo PNe
Indebetouw Remy 30653 GO nearby galaxies 81.2 remy-30dor Stellar Feedback on Circumcluster Gas and Dust in 30 Doradus, the Nearest Super-Star Cluster.
O'Dea Christop 30659 GO galaxy clusters 33.2 odea_cluster2 A Census of Star Formation in Brightest Cluster Galaxies: Is Star Formation the Ultimate Fate of the Cooling Gas?
Evans Nancy 30666 GO massive stars 15.4 cepheids Mass Loss from Classical Cepheids and their Progenitors
Jayaraman Sumita 30667 GO zodiacal dust 28.5 earthring3 Traversing the Trailing Dust Cloud in the Earth's Resonant Ring - Part 3
Houck James R. 30669 GTO nearby galaxies 12.4 bcd_spectra_gto The Spitzer/IRS View of Blue Compact Dwarf Galaxies
Lowenthal James 30670 GO starburst galax 45.8 lcbgs_ev Evolution of Compact Extreme Starburst Galaxies
Winkler P. Frank 30673 GO ISM 18.0 sn1006 SN 1006: The Millennium Supernova Remnant
Hsieh Henry 30678 GO asteroids 13.8 hhmbcalbedo Albedos of Main-Belt Comet Nuclei
Houck James R. 30680 GTO starburst galax 6.6 sjh_pdgt A Complete IRS Sample of PAH-rich Star Forming Dwarves in the SWIRE ELAIS N1 Field
Holberg Jay 30689 Archive brown dwarfs/ve 0.0 holberg A White Dwarf-Based Investigation of the IRAC Photometric Absolute Calibration
McCandliss? Stephan 30696 Archive HII regions 0.0 srmcy3 A Comparison of the Infrared and Ultraviolet Properties of Photodissociation Regions
Tomsick John 30702 GO compact objects 13.9 compact_jets Compact Jets from Galactic Black Holes
Houck James R. 30706 GTO young stellar o 100.9 dmw2 An IRS survey of protoplanetary disk evolution in the Orion molecular-cloud complexes
Soifer Tom 30714 GO Local Group Gal 1.0 go3_30714 A Template Program
Houck James R. 30715 GTO AGN/quasars/rad 8.3 lhdwarfagn Mid-IR spectroscopy of Dwarf Seyfert 1s
Mohanty Subhanjo 30717 GO brown dwarfs/ve 9.5 vlmbin Searching for very low mass companions around young brown dwarfs with IRAC
Gladders Michael 30718 GO Galaxy Clusters 5.1 grb050813 Spitzer Observations of a GRB-Selected Galaxy Cluster at z=1.8
Bergvall Nils 30720 GO nearby galaxies 8.2 redhalodust2006 The Red Halos of Blue Compact Galaxies - Constraining the Dust Content.
Fazio Giovanni 30725 GTO nearby galaxies 6.0 zhongwang A Search for Infrared Light in a Dark HI Galaxy in the Virgo Cluster
Bouwman Jeroen 30726 GO Circumstellar/D 28.0 cluster_environment Nature vs. Nurture: The influence of OB star environments on proto-planetary disk evolution.
Rieke George 30732 GTO nearby galaxies 19.8 lowz_mips Dust Properties in Low-Metallicity Galaxies
DePoy? Darren 30733 GO evolved stars/p 4.3 sn05gj_cycle3 Insight into the Progenitor of the Type Ia Supernova 2005gj
Figer Donald 30734 GO Massive Stars 11.3 dfiger Massive Star Clusters
Hony Sacha 30737 GO evolved stars/p 19.7 hony_sstars The mass loss of S stars
Schiminovi David 30742 Legacy intermediate-z 121.1 ssgss SSGSS: The Spitzer SDSS GALEX Spectroscopic Survey
Weaver Kimberly 30745 GO AGN/quasars/rad 9.1 weaver_bat_agn Spitzer Observations of the First Unbiased AGN Sample of the Local Universe
Calzetti Daniela 30753 GO nearby galaxies 6.7 outdisks Dust and Star Formation in the Extreme Outer Disks of Spiral Galaxies
Marengo Massimo 30754 GO extrasolar plan 17.2 fab2 Search for Planetary Companions of epsilon Eridani and Fomalhaut
Balog Zoltan 30758 GO Circumstellar/D 14.3 balog_evap Evaporating disks
Arce Hector 30760 GO star formation 20.4 gianthh Gas Entrainment and Shock Physics in Giant Protostellar Outflows
Pavlov George 30763 GO circumstellar/d 4.7 solmsp Dust around solitary millisecond pulsars
Stapelfeld Karl 30765 GO young stellar o 11.5 spit_edgeon Infrared Properties of Edge-on Young Stellar Object Disks
Hester Jeff 30767 Archive star formation 0.0 hester06 Archival Study of the Effects of Massive Stars on Low-mass Star Formation and Disk Evolution
Heckman Timothy 30773 GO nearby galaxies 13.6 brightestt2agn Mid-Infrared Spectroscopy of the Brightest Type 2 AGN in the SDSS
Rieke George 30775 GTO high-z galaxies 49.9 egami IRS Spectroscopy of Gravitationally Lensed z>1 Infrared-Luminous Galaxies
Marscher Alan 30779 GO AGN/quasars/rad 12.3 major06 Contribution of Dust Emission to the Spectral Energy Distribution of Gamma-Ray Bright Blazars
Fazio Giovanni 30784 GTO star formation 7.0 lallen_mapextend IRAC GTO Map Extensions
Wehrle Ann 30785 GO AGN/Quasars/Rad 6.3 blazars Coordinated Spitzer/Chandra Observations of Gamma Ray Blazars
Sahai Raghvend 30788 GO evolved stars/p 9.9 ppnlmc Fundamental Properties of Pre-Planetary Nebulae: Observations in the Large Magellanic Cloud
Fazio Giovanni 30790 GTO ISM 8.4 bcirrus B-Cirrus: Investigation of grain processing in moderate radiation fields
Frinchaboy Peter 30800 GO star clusters 18.5 pmfastro Exploring the Luminosity Function for Prototypical Open Clusters with IRAC
Rieke George 30802 GTO star clusters 3.2 mips_ic2391 IRAC Mapping of IC 2391
Migliari Simone 30803 GO Compact Objects 1.5 0614_jets Multi-wavelength observations of compact jets in a neutron star X-ray binary
Farihi Jay 30807 GO Circumstellar/D 18.3 jaymips1 Cool Material Around Metal-Rich White Dwarfs
Padgett Deborah 30816 Legacy star formation 60.0 taurus2 Taurus 2: Finishing the Spitzer Map of the Taurus Molecular Clouds
Chakrabart Deepto 30822 GO Compact Objects 14.8 fallback Fallback Debris Disks Around Neutron Stars
Dowell Charles 30823 GO high-z galaxies 60.4 dowell_cluster Pushing the Far-IR Capability of Spitzer in the Study of High-Redshift ULIRGs
Charbonnea David 30825 GO extrasolar plan 33.0 planetturns HD 189733b: As The World Turns
Rieke George 30827 GTO galaxy clusters 24.7 cnoc2groupsmips Illuminating the evolution of CNOC2 group galaxies with MIPS at 24microns
Siana Brian 30832 GO high-z galaxies 21.8 irs_cb58 The First IRS Spectrum of a Lyman Break Galaxy
Savaglio Sandra 30834 GO Intermediate-z 2.2 savaglio Gamma-Ray-Bursts Hosts: Digging out Low-Mass High-z Star-Forming Galaxies
Chu You-Hua 30836 Archive local group gal 0.0 lmcsf Star Formation in the Large Magellanic Cloud
Blanton Michael 30842 Archive high-z galaxies 0.0 kspitzer K-corrections in the mid- and far-infrared
Merin Bruno 30843 GO circumstellar/d 22.7 brunomerin IRS and MIPS observations of transitional disks with inner holes
Johnson Kelsey 30844 Archive starburst galax 0.0 udhiis The Formation and Early Evolution of Star Clusters
Smith Nathan 30848 GO star formation 24.7 mipscar MIPSCAR: A Far-Infrared Survey of the Carina Nebula
Barsony Mary 30849 GO young stellar o 11.7 barsony_iras16253 IRS Scan Mapping of IRAS16253-2429: A Textbook Example for Unlocking the Secrets of Protostellar Outflows
Uchiyama Yasunobu 30854 GO AGN/quasars/rad 20.8 uchiyama_jet3 IRAC Survey of Large-scale Quasar Jets
Holberg Jay 30856 GO brown dwarfs/ve 7.9 holberg_comp Looking For Low Mass Companions To White Dwarfs In All The Right Places
Kamp Inga 30858 GO circumstellar/d 8.1 lamboo The Nature of the Dust around Lambda Bootis Stars: Debris Disks or Reflection Nebulae
Megeath Tom 30859 GO star formation 101.1 oriona_protostar An IRS Survey of Spitzer Identified Protostars in the Orion A Cloud
Fazio Giovanni 30860 GTO interacting/mer 4.0 zw_ig MIPS Observations of Four Infrared Bright Nearby Galaxies
Nikola Thomas 30862 GO high-z galaxies 15.0 zeus_spitzer Probing the Activity in High-Z ULIRGs: High Resolution Spectroscopy in Neon and Argon Lines
Bouwens Rychard 30866 GO high-z galaxies 34.0 udfnic2 Measuring the Stellar Masses of Galaxies at z~7
Kastner Joel 30869 GO circumstellar/d 15.3 mcbestars Supersized: A Spitzer Survey of Dusty Disks around B[e] Supergiants in the Magellanic Clouds
Fox Derek 30871 GO cosmology 38.9 highestzgrb3 Spitzer Observations of the Highest-Redshift Gamma-Ray Bursts
Labbe Ivo 30873