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SMART Calibration File Processing

Having obtained a new set of Calibration files from SSC the following is the process for installing them :

  1. Familiarise yourself with the SSC file naming convention Calibration File Naming.
    Pay particular attention to the naming of time dependent files.
  2. Install the Calibration Files, using the method described at Installing SSC Calibration File Releases.
  3. Make the relevant BITMASK files and add them to the installation, described at Making Bitmask Files.
  4. Ensure that the time dependent files are re-named and installed properly.
    This will usually have to be done manually. The "sscrename" routine does not handle this type of re-naming.
    A full description is at Time Dependent Calibration Files.
  5. If there are problems back out the installation, described at Backing out of an SSC Calibration File Release.

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