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Local Setup

This WWW page explains how SMART is set up at Cornell.

SMART Source Code

Version Control for SMART source code is maintained with the Subversion repository system.

Three versions of SMART are maintained :

  1. Development - All new software development is done here.
  2. Testing - Available to IRS team, has latest bug fixes and new features.
  3. Release - Publically released.

Development Version Testing Version Release Version
SVN Name Trunk Testing Release
Function New Development Available to IRS team Publically released
Command to invoke (in /usr/local/bin) smart-trunk smart-testing smart-release
Former commands to invoke (alias in /usr/local/bin) smart-cvs-test smart-cvs  
Programmer commands smart-u csb-u smart-t csb-t csb  
Source code location (OLD) /usr/local/share/smart_current_test /usr/local/share/smart_current /usr/local/share/smart-X, where X = release version number.
Source code location (NEW) /usr/local/share/smart_trunk /usr/local/share/smart_testing /usr/local/share/smart-X, where X = release version number.
Source code aliases     /usr/local/share/smart-release
Calibration file type All file types All file types "s" and "v" type files only. "e", "r" and "w" type files removed.
Calibration file location /usr/local/share/smart_trunk/IRS_Calibration/formatted /usr/local/share/smart_testing/IRS_Calibration/formatted /usr/local/share/smart-X.X.X/IRS_Calibration-X, where X.X.X = release version number.
Calibration file aliases . . /usr/local/share/smart-X.X.X/IRS_Calibration /usr/local/share/smart-release/IRS_Calibration
. . . .
cron update shell scripts /usr/local/share/smart_trunk/smart-trunk-update /usr/local/share/smart_testing/smart-testing-update .
crontab entries 1 8,12,20 * * 1,2,3,4,5 /usr/local/share/smart_trunk/smart-trunk-update 10 8,12,20 * * 1,2,3,4,5 /usr/local/share/smart_testing/smart-testing-update .
. . . .
WWW page location . /home/www/smart/testing-docs /home/www/smart/release-docs
. . . .
Download tarballs location . ??????? - need entry here /home/www/smart/release-tarballs
Previous tarballs location /usr/local/share/smart_tarballs /usr/local/share/smart_tarballs /usr/local/share/smart_tarballs

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