• Make a new release
    • ssh to cassis or cassis2 in /home/scripts/SmartRelease/
    • run make_new_package, which is
      if [ $# -ne 1 ]; then
        echo "Input version number"
      echo version number: $1
      echo "----------> Cleaning"
      \rm -rf smart
      echo "----------> Copying trunk to release"
      \rm -rf /home/linuxlocal/share/smart_release/
      git clone /home/linuxlocal/share/smart_release/
      \cp smart_release smart/smart
      \cp smart/
      \chmod -R g+w /home/linuxlocal/share/smart_release/
      echo "----------> Cloning into smart/"
      git clone smart
      echo "----------> Modifying files"
      \cp smart_user smart/smart
      \cp smart/
      \cp smart/sm_cal_sys.idl smart/sm_cal_usr.idl
      \cp smart/sm_parm_sys.idl smart/sm_parm_usr.idl
      echo $1 > smart/smart_version.txt
      echo "----------> Creating archive"
      \tar zcf smart-package-$1.tar.gz smart
      \cp smart-package-$1.tar.gz /home/www/smart/release-tarballs/
      echo "Remember to change current_version.txt in twiki (SmartDoc)!"


We have replaced SVN with GIT:

I've installed an instance of "Kallithea", free/libre software which operates more or less like github as a "front page" for a set of GIT repositories.

We can move the address later, for now it's temporarily running here:

I've got the cassis web page trunk (the www-test) repository there and also the smart repository.

If you go to a repository you'll see the clone URL by which one can check out an instance (i.e., git clone URL). Having cloned it, you can make changes, commit them to your working copy, and then push them with "git push" -- you'll need to provide your Kallithea password to do so.

Major changes can be made by forking a repository and then later pushing the changes back to the original after they have stabilized.

Calibration files are now part of the SMART repository

  • GIT cheat sheet
    • git clone
    • git add <file,dir>
    • git commit -m "message"
    • git push

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