Staring Cluster AORs

The ~1000 staring cluster AORs are also investigated by CASSIS. Every pointing is extracted as a separate source.


The CASSIS pipeline for AORs in staring cluster mode works the same way as for a single target. Only one step is added during the combination of spectra. There are 75 AORs in which the same position was input several times for a reason specific to the observer. In these cases, the spectra corresponding to the same positions have different ExpID? and were therefore treated independently until combining spectra. When this steps comes forward in the pipeline, the spectra corresponding to the same position (and of course same module/order/nod) are combined. If the detection level of one position is too low as compared to the others, it is disregarded.


The products are the same as for single targets, but several targets are now available for a given AORKEY.

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