CASSIS products (high-resolution)

Reading the default downloadable spectra:

In Python, some examples:

  • IPAC tables can be read with astropy.table:
from astropy.table import Table'cassis_tbl_opt_16205568.tbl', format='ascii')
  • YAAAR FITS files can be read with
from import fits
import numpy as np
hdu ='cassis_yaaar_opt_16205568.fits') 
ncols = len(hdu[0].data[0,:])
wdata = np.array(hdu[0].data[:,0])
fdata = np.array(hdu[0].data[:,1])  
  • Unfortunately, YAAAR FITS files are not recognized by, but to read YAAAR FITS files as Tables, one can do:
hdu ='cassis_yaaar_opt_16205568.fits') #default is readonly
names=tuple([hdu[0].header['COL*DEF'][x] for x,h in enumerate(hdu[0].header['COL*DEF'])])
t=fits.BinTableHDU(data=Table(hdu[0].data, names=names), header=hdu[0].header)

List of available products

Main products:

File name Description
specopt_cont_diff Differential optimal extraction
specopt_cont_nods Concatenated nod optimal extraction
specfull_pls_nodcomb_cl Full aperture extraction

Diagnostic products for optimal extraction:

File name Description
specfull_res_ext_cont_nodcomb_cl Full aperture extraction of the large-scale emission removed by optimal extraction
specopt_cont_diff_res Residuals after differential optimal extraction
specopt_cont_nods_res Residuals after concatenated nod optimal extraction

Quick explanation on the file naming convention (most of the non-standard files are available by request):

File naming convention Explanation
Extraction methods  
specopt Optimal extraction
specfull Full aperture extraction
specpbcd post-BCD extraction
Optimal extraction methods (only for optimal)
specopt...diff Differential optimal extraction
specopt...nods Concatenated nod extraction
Calibration (only for full aperture)
...pls... point-like source calibration
...ext... extended source calibration
... Complete spectrum (with order overlaps)
...cont... Continuous spectrum (no order overlaps)
...nod{1,2}... Individual nod
...nods... Concatenated nods (only for optimal extraction)
...nodcomb... Nod spectra were combined
...nodcomb_cl... Nod spectra were combined and outliers were rejected

Help to read directories and files (internal use)

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