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AdOpt - ”Advanced Optimal extraction”. Plugin program in the SMART environment notably enabling optimal extraction of Spitzer/IRS spectra by using a super-sampled point spread function.

AORkey (or AOR) - ”Astronomical Observation Request key”. Unique identifier for observations performed by Spitzer. There can be several AORkeys per object.

BCD - ”Basic Calibrated Product”. Calibrated IRS detector images (128 × 128 pixels) provided by the SSC pipeline.

BMASK - ”Bit-mask”. Image plane (128×128 pixels) containing a possible error condition code for each pixel in a detector of the IRS. The bit codes can be found in this page:

CASSIS - Cornell Atlas of Spitzer/IRS Spectra.

DCE - ”Data Collection Event”. Single exposure images also referred to as ”ramps”. The ramp duration is the time between the first and last non-destructive reads of the array. Several ramp times are available for each module.

FOV, FOVID - "Field of View". In IRS FITS data files the keyword "FOVID" denotes the particular field of view for a given observation. Check this page for the list of FOVIDs.

IRS - ”InfraRed Spectrograph”. The spectrograph onboard the Spitzer Space Telescope.

LL - ”Long-Low”. One of the low spectral resolution modules of the IRS (Table 1).

PSF - ”Point Spread Function”. Instrument spatial response function to a point-like source.

RSRF - ”Relative Spectral Response Function”. Function giving the ratio of the observed spectra of a calibration star in uncalibrated units to the theoretical stellar template.

SMART - ”Spectroscopic Modeling Analysis and Reduction Tool”. Contributed software allowing the community to reduce and analyze data from the IRS.

SPICE - ”SPitzer IRS Custom Extractor”. Official software developed by the SSC to reduce IRS data.

SSC - ”Spitzer Science Center”. Organization at CalTech? supporting the science for Spitzer.

SL - ”Short-Low”. One of the low spectral resolution modules of the IRS (Table 1).

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